A New Shop in Jurong East is Selling Pasar Malam Food Since Pasar Malam is Banned

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Pasar Malam, a place to satisfy our unhealthy cravings while we form crop circles with our armpits.

Image: Twitter (@ErenaTakeuchi)

Thanks to Covid-19, we have no Pasar Malam.

But does that mean we’ll have to deal with not having Pasar Malam food for the next one year, at least?

No. No, it doesn’t.

Pasar Malam Corner

At Jurong East, there is a small corner where you can Lepak and get drunk on Thai Milk Tea. It’s called the Pasar Malam Corner.

Image: Twitter

This mini Pasar Malam has a small booth outside their stall as well, selling Vandai and other mouth-watering fried food.

Image: Twitter

Watch these Machiks flip your Ramly burgers while you struggle to decide between ordering a Roti John or five Goreng Pisang.

If you are looking for something more filling, Nasi Padang, Ayam Penyet and other Malay dishes are also available in store.

The best part about this Pasar Malam food is you pay Pasar Malam prices instead of sky-high prices for them.


Now, I know, we say Pasar Malam, but you’re wondering, exactly how Pasar Malam is it actually? Does it only sell Ramly burgers and Thai Milk Tea?

Well, check out the range of food they have available at the new shop:

  • Ramly Burger (Beef/Chicken) – $4
  • Roti-John (Chicken) – $4
  • Takoyaki – $3/6 pieces, $4/8pieces, $5/10 pieces
  • Epok-Epok
  • Curry Puff
  • Pisang Goreng
  • Vadai
  • Keria

Apam Balik:

  • Original/Peanut – $3.50
  • Chocolate – $3.50
  • Oreo – $4
  • Sweet Corn – $4
  • Coconut – $4
  • Cheese – $4
  • Mixed (any 2) – $5


  • Nasi Sambal Goreng – $4
  • Nasi Lemak – $3.50
  • Mee Rebus – $3.50
  • Mee Siam – $3.50
  • Lontong – $3.50
  • Ayam Penyet – $5.90
  • Ikan Penyet – $6.90

Nasi Sambal Goreng:

  • Ayam (Chicken) – $4
  • Daging (Beef) – $5
  • Paru (Lungs) – $4.50


  • Thai Milk Tea – $2.50
  • Green Thai Milk Tea – $2.50
  • Bundang Rose Milk – $1.50

Permanent Pasar Malam Store

Pasar Malam Corner is a permanent stall. That means you can get your night market cravings anytime you want.

Or at least anytime between 9am to 9pm, that is.

Customers who had visited the shop recommended their mouth-watering Chicken Burger and Takoyaki.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

How to go to Pasar Malam Corner

Pasar Malam Corner is located beside Jcube. You will be able to see the stall once you walk straight from the traffic light.

The opening hours are between 9am to 9pm. As of now, it is unsure if they will be open during Chinese New Year.

Do be quick for as you know once tweets go viral, people will automatically flock to the scene. Especially when it is food-related.


Do remember to adhere to the social distancing guidelines while purchasing your Vandai.

Pasar Malam Corner

  • Address: 135 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-333, Singapore 600135
  • Operating Hours: 9am – 9pm

Feature Image: Twitter

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