Drone Reportedly Exploded in Taiwanese Actor Kai Ko’s Face & Left Him “Severely Disfigured”

You Are the Apple of My Eye lead actor, Kai Ko, has been involved in an accident while filming an upcoming Netflix series.

Initial reports stated that the injury was so severe, he was drenched in blood.

He has, however, just updated his fans to assure them that he is fine.

Here’s what happened.

Drone Reportedly Exploded in Taiwanese Actor Kai Ko’s Face & Left Him “Severely Disfigured”

According to various Taiwanese reports, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, who’s 32 years old this year, was injured while filming a new Netflix series, Agent from Above.

The series is produced by Singapore-based mm2 Entertainment and Taiwan’s Good Films Production, and filming for it has started since last November.

A drone had allegedly malfunctioned when it was filming a close-up shot of Kai’s face.

It crashed and exploded right in front of him.

The shards from the drone hit him, and he was reportedly “drenched in blood” from them.

The actor was immediately sent to a hospital, whereby he underwent 20 to 30 stitches.

The extent of his injury isn’t revealed, but his agency has confirmed the news and said it has severely disfigured his face.

They then said that they won’t be discussing this issue further, and would let the production company take the lead instead.

The production company is investigating the cause of the accident, and filming has since halted.

Posted Updates on Instagram

Shortly after news of his injury surfaced, Kai posted two Instagram Stories.

The first is of Yoda with the caption, “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH ME”:

Image: Instagram (@kaikaiko)

Hours later, he posted an image from the comic Slam Dunk whereby the character said, “Because I’m a genius” with the caption, “I’ll be back very soon…”:

Image: Instagram (kaikaiko)

About Kai Ko

You might know Kai Ko from the hit movie, You Are the Apple of My Eye, but do you know that it’s also his debut movie that propelled him to stardom?

Since then, he’s been actively starring in numerous films, although most of them were not screened in Singapore.

In 2014, he was arrested, along with Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan, for drug use, and it was ironic because two years before that, he had appeared in an anti-drug advertisement.

Due to that, his scene in a movie was edited out.

In April 2020, when countries started to take COVID-19 seriously, Kai Ko was spotted partying with his friend.

He was reportedly spotted outside his father’s bar, Asylum, wearing a hot pink cap.

Ironically, he had earlier told fans that he was “going mouldy” staying at home because of COVID-19, which implied that he didn’t leave his house.

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