Kang Gary Is Making A Comeback Not On TV But Doing Vlogs On YouTube Instead

Image: YouTube (KANG GARY)

Kang Gary is your cute, lovable guy on the famous variety TV show, Running Man (if anyone still watches it, that is).

Image: blake4monthsss Deviantart

He is also one half of popular group, Leessang, as the main rapper.

Image: soompi.com

And he has shocked the entire world by marrying a girl and disappearing into thin air.

The New Mysterious Celebrity of 2017

I’ll just be doing a recap here for those who’ve missed or forgotten about what happened. If you’re familiar, just skip to the next part of the article.

Image: ukrunningman.wordpress.com

Kang Gary suddenly got married in Apr 2017 without any warning. His fellow cast members in Running Man, as well as close friends, didn’t even know he was dating, not to mention his marriage.

It was mentioned that he had deleted all his Instagram posts and changed his phone number before disappearing.

Image: koreaboo.com

And just when we thought Gary just pulled a Bermuda-Triangle on the world, a fan managed to spot him and took a picture with him.

By the way, he’s a dad now.

Image: halyang_kanggary Instagram

On 17 November 2017, Kang Gary published a post on Chinese social media site Weibo. “I’d like to share with everyone; this is my son! Please give Gary junior your blessings!”

The post was tagged with a picture of a baby’s feet.


But other than that, the rapper has literally disappeared from the entertainment world

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Until now, that is.

Kang Gary Making a Comeback 

Fans of Gary, listen up. You’re always wondering if he’s doing alright and wish you could see him every day on the screen like in the past.

Well, today’s the day you’re waiting for. Okay, fine, 17 Sep was the day you’re waiting for.

Because that was the day Kang Gary appeared on the screen again.

Sadly, it’s not on Running Man. It’s on YouTube instead.

Explained Why He Left Korean Showbiz On His YouTube Channel

This is a question that plagued most of our minds when he first disappeared from Korean showbiz.

Well, he decided to put his explanation into a YouTube video.

Image: Screengrab from Kang Gary YouTube Channel

He said that after working hard for twenty years, he was tired from everyday stresses. He just wanted to take a break, so he left.

During the break, while he might not have made as much money as he wanted, he had no regrets as he managed to experience his son’s “most beautiful moments”.

He added that it was done on his own choice and he’s doing fine.

Why YouTube?

On a separate video posted on 17 Sep, he explained why he’s now a YouTuber.

Image: Screengrab from Kang Gary YouTube Channel

In it, he decided to talk about his decision to become a YouTuber. He explained that it wasn’t exactly a career change but more of an “enjoyment”.

In YouTube, he gets to enjoy more freedom.

The country with the most number of viewers watching his videos come from Vietnam and the second top country, Malaysia.

If you’ve always wanted to see how your Gary hyung is spending his days, you might want to visit his YouTube channel.

Because he’s doing vlogs on his channel right now.

At the moment, his videos aren’t really geared for international viewers because there are no English subs unless his friend helps him out. Or you’re able to understand Korean.

But he did promise to work on his English.