KAWs Made A Comeback In Uniqlo, Store Trashed In The Aftermath

How badly have you ever wanted something?

I mean we’ve seen how far people would go to get something, kind of like when there’s a new iPhone.

Perhaps if it’s something rare, like a KAWS x Uniqlo merchandise, maybe you’d go pretty wild too.

The collaboration has returned to both Malaysia and Singapore and sick art topped on a comfortable shirt is always easy to get hyped up about.

I mean, just look at the queue.

Image: zukus

And looking at the art, I can really appreciate how good it is!

Image: Stock X

Simplistic style, but straight to the point!

Image: Ease the Crave – Big Cartel

But some people really just decided to go all World War Z on this hype and mob attack the stores.

God Bless The Store

I want to try and describe to you how the mob actually looks, but I think this video of a Malaysian store would more than suffice. (start at 3:16)

The only difference between this and a zombie horde is that this one is full of not-dead people.

Also no brain-eating, only eating the space and hunger for T-shirts.

In fact around the 4:23 mark, there is a guy who literally climbed over other customers to try and get the shirt he wanted.

Lazy to click the timestamp? Let me show you a quick preview.

Image: YouTube

Friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, more like unfriendly customer shirt-man.

On the bright(?) side, the store definitely earned some good cash as all the racks of KAWS items were emptied. The store though…

…well…an aftermath picture reflects why some things make me lose faith in humanity.

Image: YouTube


Would it kill these people to, after damaging a store, pick up after they make such a huge mess? 

Less Excitement For Some

Of course, one man’s treasure is another man’s waste of time.

Not word-by-word quote it was, but it certainly described how certain people felt.

Take this Stomper in Singapore, for example. She felt that it was a “waste of time” when she saw people queuing for over an hour to even get into the store.


Mildly offended, I’ve queued for hours to buy a game too. A perfectly understandable reaction, though. 

Image: psychgifs

Honestly? I can admire the dedication to queue for something that long. If you like something, you would do whatever it took to go and get it.

Just…please, don’t go around destroying property. That’s just extremely rude and disrespectful. 

Image: Giphy
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