Kbox Vs Party World vs Teo Heng: Which is the best KTV in S’pore? Here’s the showdown

Last Updated on 2016-09-25 , 9:48 am

One of the best memories we will ever have with our friends is probably us singing our hearts out at karaoke. It doesn’t matter if we are all out of tune or can’t even reach half as high as A-mei because all that matters is that we are having fun (just make sure one of your friends isn’t secretly snap-chatting your bad singing). However, since most of us don’t have a karaoke system at home, we usually go to a karaoke outlet to satisfy our superstar dreams. Many people swear by Teo Heng, while others prefer Kbox or even Party World. We break down the different aspects for you!

Atmosphere and Setting
KBox definitely wins hands down here for their large rooms and great lighting (you can adjust the brightness however you want). If you have been to a big outlet or a more secluded spot (e.g. Jurong SAFRA or Mt Faber), you will know that nobody can beat the swanky interiors you get. However, Teo Heng’s small rooms do have a more communal feeling when group-singing. As for Party World, there are fun lighting and even games but some visitors have reported that the furniture is slightly run-down… We can’t confirm if this is true though!
Result: Kbox

Kbox used to be a unanimous first choice amongst everyone because of its huge number of outlets, until Teo Heng outlets started to pop up all over the island. Now, the numbers of branches for each brand are more or less similar! Party World seems to be a more popular choice amongst older adults, perhaps because of its long reputation.
Result: KBox / Teo Heng

Song selection
If we compare the selection of songs, all three are more or less the same. However, if we are just referring to Chinese songs (which most Singaporeans go to karaoke outlets for), Party World definitely has a slight edge in terms of its updated list of songs.
Result: Party World

Teo Heng is definitely the cheapest because of its per room rate and has gained many thumbs-up from broke students who are looking for cheap and fun entertainment. Partyworld also has a pretty great student promo – 3 hours for $12 on weekdays, or $15 on weekends. KBox used to have a student promo for $6/student with a Kala membership a long time ago, then the price kept steadily increasing. Right now, it’s about $10 for 3 hours during their happy hours but the prices still differ by outlets!
Result: Teo Heng

Service (aka will they chase you out after your slot ends)
Because Teo Heng’s outlets are almost always full-booked, you need to reserve ahead of time. Also, that means that they adhere strictly to your reservation time and will freeze your song selection 5 minutes before your session ends. However, if you are at a less central KBox outlet (e.g. Mount Faber) you get to sing to your hearts’ content for quite a while even after your slot. They even provide blankets when you are feeling too cold! We have had less experience with Party World but they do allow you to sing the last song to the end!

Our final verdict is that Teo Heng has the upper-hand in terms of prices, which is why it’s so popular with students nowadays. However, if you have slightly more money to spare, why not upgrade to a room with a better setting and service at Kbox?