KFC 10-Pc Chicken Bucket For Just $15: That’s Like $1.50 Per Piece

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Do you love fried chicken?

That crispy skin and flavorful, moist meat hidden just right underneath. That crunch when you bite into it, and the juices that come immediately after.

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And we all know that when it comes to fried chicken, KFC is one of the best when it comes to crunch time.

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Guess what?

You’re going to have even more reason to indulge in some honest-to-god KFC chicken now.

KFC Weekday Special Promotion

You can now get yourself a bucket of 10 pieces fried chicken from KFC for the price of just $15 from Mondays to Fridays (3-5 pm).

That’s like $1.50 per piece!

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And you know what’s the best part? It’s available for both dine-in/takeaway, and delivery.

Terms and Conditions Apply:

  • Includes 4 drumsticks or wings and choice of the other chicken part is subject to availability.
  • Limited up to 3 sets for each delivery transaction.
  • Promotion is not available at KFC KidZania, Sentosa, Singapore Zoo, for Delivery and Catering.

KFC didn’t specify an end date for this promo except that it’s a time-limited offer, so make sure you act fast, okay?

On a separate note

Oh yeah, this isn’t part of the promo but it just has to be said.

Have you tried KFC’s crispy chicken tenders?

If you haven’t, you really have to check it out.

We’ve written an entire review on it plus how we found the KFC Dip & Share box.

Here’s a short excerpt for you:

To me, the chicken tender is soft with a slight spicy kick in its skin – almost like KFC’s usual crispy chicken but amplifying that by two times. The ones we have aren’t crispy anymore, but it could be that we dabaoed it.

Very often, it’s easy to feel jaded after having some chicken tenders, but the crispiness of it doesn’t make me feel so despite the lack of a soft drink (yeah, the bucket doesn’t come with drinks).

Dipping it into the various sauces works wonders too, but that’s subjective: I like the Sweet Mustard sauce while my colleagues chose otherwise. KFC has succeeded in this area: different people have different tastes, and hence the variety of the sauce.

What are you waiting for? Time to call your friends together for a chicken party liao.

You’re welcome! 😉

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