KFC S’pore Now Having Waffles in Their Breakfast Menu; Available in Food Delivery Platforms, Too

Always craved for some delectable, affordable waffles to kickstart your early morning?

Well, KFC’s breakfast waffles may soon do the trick.

According to the fast-food giant, they will be introducing honest to goodness Breakfast Waffles effective from…

Today (26 March 2021).

Sumptuous Breakfast Waffles Have Arrived In Local KFC Outlets

Said to be “so good that the whole world just slows down while you savour every bite”, the new breakfast menu item is supposedly made fresh to order every single morning, with the help of a traditional waffle maker.

And apparently, it even comes with golden fried chicken.

The golden brown waffle will be served in two different platters.

The Waffle & Chicken Platter includes creamy scrambled eggs and crispy fried Original Recipe chicken fillet, while the Waffle & Sauté Mushrooms Platter comes with savory scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, and delicious turkey bacon.

Image: kfc.com.sg
Image: kfc.com.sg

Meanwhile, the meal version of each iteration comes complete with a side of hash brown and a cup of fresh coffee.

The Waffle & Chicken Platter Meal retails at $8.95, while the Waffle & Sauté Mushrooms Platter Meal retails at $8.65.

For all the avid duos out there, you’ll surely be stoked to know that there’s a buddy version of the meal as well. The Waffle & Porridge Buddy Meal includes one Waffle & Chicken Platter OR one Waffle & Sauté Mushrooms Platter, one porridge, two hash browns and two coffees for just $12.95.

Image: KFC Singapore

More Deets

KFC Breakfast Waffles is available for Dine-in and Takeaway at 53 selected KFC
breakfast restaurants during breakfast hours only. Alternatively, you can also get it delivered via GrabFood, FoodPanda or Deliveroo during breakfast hours.

Please also take note of the designated restaurants serving waffles on a daily basis, and those serving on the weekends.

Image: kfc.com.sg
Image: kfc.com.sg

With that said, it’s time to swing by our nearest KFC outlet for a bit.

I may never have been a morning person, but these waffles have just changed the game.

Featured Image: YouTube (KFC Singapore)