KFC “Colonel’s Guarantee” To Launch From Feb 24, Allows For 1-For-1 Exchange If Customers Are Unsatisfied


It’s not often that you leave a fried chicken establishment unsatisfied unless the store has run out of chicken or you’re a vegan.

Fried chicken, after all, is universally loved, even by cats in Yishun.

It may not be healthy, but, to quote SpongeBob SquarePants, it’s good for your soul.

One famous fried chicken establishment is Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC.

While the popular fast-food chain also has burgers and even rice buckets, everyone goes to KFC for some good ol’ fried chicken.

But if you happen to be unsatisfied with their chicken, you can now get a new piece for free.

KFC “Colonel’s Guarantee” To Launch From Feb 24, Allows For 1-For-1 Exchange If Customers Are Unsatisfied

Whet your appetite, wet your lips, and put on a face mask because KFC is introducing a 1-for-1 exchange programme for mediocre bites of fried chicken!

The “Colonel’s Guarantee” ensures that “no customer is disappointed”.

The programme will begin on 24 Feb, and will allow customers to do something they’ve never done before: exchange a disappointing serving of fried chicken for a new one.

Lynette Lee, General Manager of KFC Singapore said: “As the expert in fried chicken and a leader in this industry, we are confident every KFC Cook in Singapore met the Colonel’s standard”.

“The Colonel’s Guarantee is our stamp of assurance and commitment to serve great tasting signature fried chicken to our fans. Our fried chicken is not just ‘Good’, it’s ‘Finger-Lickin’ Good.

So, what do customers have to do to replace their second-rate fried chicken?

Replacement Procedure

If dine-in customers are unsatisfied with their Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy Chicken, simply head to the counter, and bring along your partially eaten or uneaten chicken.

They, you’ll be asked to scan a Colonel’s Guarantee QR Code in the restaurant and fill out a feedback form.

Once the completed feedback form is shown to KFC staff, the replacement chicken will be served to you and the old chicken will be discarded.

The exchange must take place on the same day as the date of purchase and at the same store.


Only partially eaten or uneaten chicken qualifies for the exchange; if you eat the entire chicken and ask for more; that’s just greedy.

As for takeaway orders, exchanges must be made in person at the same store of purchase, and on the same day of purchase together with a receipt.

Customers will then go through the same procedure as detailed above.

I wonder how long it’ll be before this programme is misused. After all, no one can be trusted when it comes to getting free fried chicken.

Feature Image: KFC Singapore