KFC Having Parmesan Truffle Chicken & is Giving it Free Today (11 Jan) at Jurong Point

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So most of you might have known: fast-food restaurants are playing the clickbait game as well as Trashy Feed.

Before any announcement of any new item, they’ll go into social media and tease us.

I mean, remember how Popeyes teased us with this image?

We totally thought that we’re finally going to have a burger that’s made entirely of watermelon and bubble tea pearls! That’d be lit and could well be the best concoctions in the world, but they later announced that it’s a Parmesan salted egg chicken which they’ve named it as Parmesan Golden Chicken because gold is more huat.

And recently, our dearest KFC has been teasing us as well.

Well, maybe not to you consumers, but at least to us media outlets.

Received an “Anonymous” Video About an Auntie in KFC

Okay, so I’m pretty sure this is as real as Goody Feed winning a media award in Singapore: an auntie has been found doing something “weird” in a KFC outlet, lying out traditional steamboat pot.

Image: Screenshot of video that’s confirmed not done by KFC’s PR or advertising agency

Since it’s sent to us by a PR company, and PR companies only contact us when they want us to write something or amend something, I’m 87% sure this is really just a random auntie doing weird stuff, and not a publicity campaign.

The video’s so real that a manager even made a cameo appeared, and smilingly spoke to the auntie because they need to show that KFC managers are friendly KFC managers are polite like that.

Image: Screenshot of video that’s confirmed not done by KFC’s PR or advertising agency

So, is KFC finally selling steamboat this CNY?

Does that mean we can finally eat healthy in KFC, and KFC can now be called KSC (Kentucky Steamboat-ed Chicken)?!


Instead, they’re going for something nontraditional.


KFC Releasing Parmesan Truffle Chicken

Lest you’re a traditional fellow who’s always refused to wash your hair during CNY, here’s what Parmesan is and what truffle is.

Parmesan is a cheese that’s commonly used for pizzas and spaghetti. The cheese can be found in restaurants that sell Italian food, and let’s just say that your grandparents, if they’re Asians, might think they smell as bad as durian to an angmo.

Then there’s truffle: if you’re alive a few years back, you’d have heard of the truffle trend that has since died peacefully. Truffle is a super expensive fungi that has a strong, garlicky taste with a deep musky aroma. It used to be so popular, people then “truffle everything”, much like how people  nowadays “salted egg everything”.

And obviously, your grandparents won’t approve of truffle.

Which is exactly why KFC has openly declared that the Parmesan Truffle Chicken is “deliciously untraditional”—because chances are, the young fellows in the office would go apeshit over this while our old and fat boss would avoid going to KFC for a month.


According to KFC, it’s a “fresh, juicy chicken marinated in our signature Hot & Spicy marinade, drizzled with truffle-infused cheese sauce and finally topped with shredded parmesan cheese. It’s so deliciously untraditional, yet perfect for the festive!”

Hmm. Perfect meh?

Free Parmesan Truffle Chicken

Just for today, head down to the KFC outlet in Jurong Point (remember, Jurong Point is in Boon Lay MRT Station, not Jurong East MRT Station!) and snap a picture of this…

…and you a free Parmesan Truffle Chicken with any purchase.


It’s only valid between 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., so fast hand fast leg leh, please.

And just for your info, Jurong Point’s lunchtime free parking is only valid from Monday to Thursday. Today is, unfortunately (and fortunately), a Friday.

But at least that’ll mean you’ll definitely find a parking lot.

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