KFC Having Zinger with Mac N Cheese Fried ‘Buns’ from 13 Feb


I might be a die-hard fan of McDonald’s for their speedy operations, decent permanent menu and efficient food delivery system, but I’ve got to admit that when it comes to their new seasonal items, they didn’t nail it that often.

People were allegedly traumatised by their salted egg yolk loaded fries, which some of us think that the person who approved the item (or the name) is either drunk or simply is a robot.

And the fast-food chain that often nails its new menu?


I’m not exactly a fan of the king of fried chicken simply because every time I’m there, I’d need to queue for so long, I’d just give up altogether. And it’s no exaggeration: I often queue for a while, see that the queue isn’t moving and walk away.

It doesn’t help that there are often other fast-food restaurants that are fast just next door.

But their new items have often (not always, but often) shone.

Case in point: their latest Parmesan Truffle Chicken. I’ve done a review of it and let’s just say that I’m willing to give up pineapple tarts for this savoury goodness, even if it packs so many calories that I’d have to run a marathon to burn them off.

Now, KFC has come out with yet another new item, and let’s just say that from the looks of it, I’m wowed.

Though I think I might need to run two marathons to burn off those calories.

KFC’s Latest Creation: The Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger

I don’t know what game KFC is playing, but whatever it is, it’s either going to make you smile for hours or frown for days.

Because KFC has combined two of our favourite items into one.

Mac ‘N Cheese and Zinger.

If you think I’m joking, here’s how it (supposedly) looks like:

Image: KFC

Of course you’re wondering: how can the Mac ‘N Cheese be the buns?


Let Corporal Sandy tell you: They’re fried into patties, so you’re essentially looking at a toned-down version of the Double Down Burger, though the number of calories shouldn’t be double down.

But Bruh, if you want some healthy KFC, go for their grilled chicken or go makan Yong Tau Foo lah.

The Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger is of course served with the iconic Zinger fillet but that’s not all the meat you’ll be downing: it comes with a turkey bacon, too. There’ll also be lettuce and cheese (again!?) to add more colour to the friedness overload.

I don’t know about you, but if I were to be arrow-ed by my editor to review this, I guess I’m going to fail my IPPT again.

The Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger is available from tomorrow (13 February 2019) in all outlets except the ones in Singapore Zoo and KidZania, and is priced at $7.50 à la carte, or $8.95 for a meal.


Come back on Friday whereby we’ll have a #FastFoodFriday article and review this crazy combination.