KFC Mac & Cheese Comeback Review: Good Try But Could Be Better


We all love a good Mac ‘N Cheese, just thinking about that perfectly cooked macaroni drenched with rich, creamy cheese sauce is enough to make anyone salivate.

But you know what would make the basic Mac ‘N Cheese even better?

SIMI sia, KFC?!

No, my friends. If the Mac ‘N Cheese contains meat (Meat lovers say HEAR HEAR), it’s immediately upgraded from level 10 to level 99,999.

So when the team at Goody Feed asked if I’d like to try the KFC Mac N’ Cheese, it was an easy decision.

Knowing that the KFC Mac ‘N Cheese is topped with their signature crispy popcorn chicken made it even better. I mean, okay, to be honest, I did it for the popcorn chicken.

Because come on lah, who can resist that, amirite?


At $4.80 for the a la carte Mac ‘N Cheese, and $5 for the super value meal with a drink and 2 juicy Hot & Crispy Chicken Tenders, it’s actually pretty affordable.

Especially when compared to other items on the a la carte menu, which usually start from at least $5.30 (I’m looking at you, Zinger).

STILL, what about the taste, the beautiful blending of flavours, the je nais se quois? Is it WORTH IT (buzzfeed fans wassup!)?

Well, all shall be reviewed (revealed) in good time.  Ok sorry guys, I love puns I couldn’t resist.

Here’s our review for the popular comeback favourite.

I’ll admit it. T the first thing I did when I opened the Mac N’ Cheese was to count the number of popcorn chicken pieces in the box. #priorities

Sadly, it was not exactly as advertised (I counted just three pieces vs the several in the ad picture), but hey, we all know that happens, like all the time. That’s how we get suckered into buying food.

However, very importantly, the Mac N’ Cheese was still warm and gooey when it arrived (we ordered delivery, but for full effect, please eat AT the KFC instead), and therefore was still pretty damn satisfying.

Well, to me anyway.

The savoury popcorn chicken blended surprisingly well with the rich creamy nacho cheese and was definitely the highlight of the entire meal (guess I know what I’m doing the next time I get popcorn chicken at KFC eh).

Coupled with the elbow macaroni, it was pretty much a dream team.

Don’t believe me? Here, take a look for yourself.

Look at this gooey madness.

It’s a complementary blend of savoury flavours within a single convenient bowl, and the creamy nacho cheese blanketed my macaroni, which pretty much had me going for more.

Meet my bae.

Word to the wise though, you should also consider getting a drink to go with the Mac N’ Cheese because it did get a bit jelat after a while.

We got lipton ice lemon tea, which went pretty well with the heavy meal.


But alamak la, no strawy u do dis 🙁

Looks can be deceiving, and the KFC Mac N’ Cheese packed quite a punch despite its small serving. As a wise man once said, “Great things come in small packages”. 😉

All in all, I’d give the KFC Mac N’ Cheese a 3.8/5 (I’m just salty about the popcorn chicken), or a 4.0/5 with a straw included.

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