KFC Releases Mini Burgers (Sliders) That Are Perfect On The Go

KFC has welcomed the New Year with a delicious addition to its menu: sliders, making them the first fast-food chain in Singapore to offer these mini burgers.

Yes, there is actually a name for mini burgers.

This exciting addition will only be available for a limited time, up until 23 January.

Though the sliders are smaller in size, KFC sliders promise an explosion of flavors that will undoubtedly leave you craving more.

The Sliders are Available in Two Flavours 

These Instragram-worthy sliders comes in two flavours: the rich and indulgent Cheesy Mayo and the zesty Tangy Dill mayo.

Source: KFC Singapore

These sliders feature crispy chicken tenders marinated with the legendary Extra Tasty Crispy recipe. They are fried, and then topped with a gooey layer of either Cheesy Mayo or Tangy Dill Mayo, all perfectly sandwiched between soft and buttery brioche buns.

It’s a Finger Lickin’ Good combination that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Can’t decide between which flavours to get? Do not worry.

The sliders are served in pairs, allowing you to enjoy both flavours or opt for two sliders of the same kind.

You can indulge in these sliders à la carte for an affordable price of $5.95, or go for the Set, which includes a pair of sliders and one regular Coke Zero Sugar at $6.95.

For a heartier meal, the Sliders Meal, priced at $7.95, consists of a pair of sliders, regular fries, and a regular Coke Zero Sugar.

If you’re feeling extra hungry (which you always are), the Sliders Box, priced at $9.95, offers the same as the meal but with an additional piece of fried chicken.

Source: KFC Singapore

The varying meal options ensures that the sliders are not only a convenient snack on the go but also a satisfying full meal to savour leisurely.

How #slidercore are You?

KFC doesn’t just excel in flavors; they’re also masters of innovation, as seen in their #slidercore trend.

According to KFC, sliders are “not overachievers of the world, but they are not slackers either. They’re the inbetweeners; and if you vibe with it, you’re #slidercore.”

To determine just how #slidercore you are, KFC has even created a quiz for a fun activity while enjoying these delicious mini-burgers.

You can slide into any KFC outlets in Singapore (excluding Sentosa and Singapore Zoo), to savour this limited-time offer. Alternatively, you can order them online via KFC Delivery, Grab, Foodpanda or Deliveroo.

Whether you’re a die-hard slider enthusiast or just looking to try something new, KFC’s sliders are sure to satisfy your cravings and keep you #slidercore.