Don’t Say Bojio: More Than 50% off KFC Delivery & Takeaway Promo Codes Until 28 April

In the past, the message from the authorities have always been the same: “Eat healthy, exercise more.”

But now, with COVID-19 wreaking havoc in our society, the message has now changed to “Stay At Home”.

And since they’ve not mentioned what to eat, then it’s a good excuse to eat unhealthy.

Reader Bao: You can still eat healthy when you’re at home

I said excuse, didn’t I?

50% off KFC Delivery & Takeaway Coupons Until 28 April

In case you’re not aware, KFC delivery comes in two channels: you either order through food delivery apps or you order direct from the KFC app.

And for this deal, it’s for the KFC app.

From now until 28 April 2020, key in certain promo codes and you’d get almost 50% discount.

Here’s a complete list:

You can tap or click on the image to have a closer look.

Do note that for the takeaway promotion, you’d still have to download their app and order it through the app; the coupon isn’t for you to show it to the cashier. Tearing out a coupon and passing it to the cashier is the SARS period; we’re now in the COVID-19 period.

You can download the KFC here: Android or iOS.

(In the meantime, download the Goody Feed app for more deals as we’re as kiasu as you!)

In the meantime, do note that for McDonald’s, you can no longer head down to an outlet to dabao; you’d have to opt for delivery instead.

I guess the only good thing that comes out from this nasty bug is that it’d expedite Singapore’s direction to be a Smart Nation.


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