KFC S’pore Brought Couple Together So They Married with a Bouquet of KFC Chicken

Image: KFC

There are some great real-life love stories in Singapore.

For example, according to what I understood, our resident hunk BuffLord95 met his current girlfriend, PrettyGirl99, when it snowed in Yishun and BuffLord95 took off his T-shirt to shield PrettyGirl99 from the snow.

Our resident office cat met his mate when he was meowing outside the office, and finally married the office cat next door three days later.

Image: Cats and Dogs Blog

But nothing comes close to this real-life story that’s definitely a better love story than Twilight.

Couple Married Because of KFC

Okay, maybe not due to KFC, but close.

Jed and Joanna are your typical Singaporean couple. Every now and then, the girlfriend would get angry over little things (this point I add in one) and therefore, quarrels are inevitable.

So, in one argument, Jed ran out of ideas to pacify Joanna. I’m pretty sure a diamond ring would work, but I guess Jed didn’t have the budget for that.

Therefore, our Romeo did the most unthinkable, yet logical, thing: he bought a 2-piece chicken meal from KFC.

Here’s what he said: “KFC has always been a big part of our courtship and our date nights. There was this one particular incident that caused Joanna to be really mad at me. From what I know of Joanna; flowers and chocolates doesn’t work.

“This time I went for a solution that I think would probably do the trick: KFC 2 piece meal (Original).

“I went up to her house, heart pumping fast, not knowing how she would react to this.

“Joanna opened the door. She glared at me (like most typical girlfriends would during a quarrel). This time, she took the KFC. That I knew, I had half the battle won. In just awhile, both me and Joanna are back to talking terms.

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“Since then, KFC has always be my lifesaver (note for the guys that have fried chicken loving girlfriends). Different couples have different ways of expressing love, for me and Joanna, it has always and will be a simple meal at KFC.”

(By the way, Jed, it’s “Joanna and me”, not “me and Joanna”. I’m nitpicking this not because I’m a Grammar Nazi, but as an advice: you must always ensure your bae’s name is before yours, if not she sure angry again one)

The KFC love in them was so strong that they decided to take their wedding pictures at a KFC outlet, complete with a bouquet of KFC chicken because why not.

I don’t know if they’re going to name their kid Kentucky, or whether Jed’s NS rank is a Colonel, but that really shows their love for KFC TTM.

KFC Sent them Another Bouquet of Chicken on Anniversary

Of course we know about this story through KFC via a media release—if not you think we go around asking if KFC has a love story for us to write meh?

KFC then informed us that they sent a bouquet of chicken for them during their wedding anniversary because PR stunt why not.

Now, here are two lessons we can get from this story:

  1. Rumours that buying food for a girlfriend / wife would pacify her when she’s angry are true after all
  2. Rumours of chicken bouquets are true after all

In the meantime, if this real love story isn’t interesting enough for you, inform us and we’ll write the fake story about how BuffLord95 confessed to PrettyGirl99 with the Salted Egg Yolk Loaded Fries. That was nasty and sour, man.

*All images from KFC