KFC to Release Healthy Version of Chicken: Grilled Chicken With Just 360 Calories

Image: KFC Singapore

Fun fact: You can actually lose weight by having fast food every day. Here’s the trick: down a Long John Silver’s breakfast, a McDonald’s McSpicy Meal for lunch and a KFC 2-pc chicken meal as dinner, and then go for a five-hour run at night. Don’t skip a step.

Yeah, I guarantee you that no matter what your weight is currently, you’ll lose some weight. We at Goody Feed don’t joke about stuff like this.

Either that, or you can go for the healthier version in fast-food chains: for example, you can have salad in McDonald’s. They even have a less-than-500 calories menu!

So, whoever says that fast-food isn’t healthy is wrong.

For example, in KFC, there is…there is…

Oh, wait. There’s no healthier option.

Until tomorrow, that is.

KFC Releasing Grilled Chicken from 1 August 2018

Image: KFC Singapore

Now, if you’re like me, you might think: hey, wait. Didn’t they have this long, long ago?

You see, KFC did release this in certain outlets previously: I remember seeing and even buying it in the Causeway Point outlet before.

Back then, I remember it as one of the best grilled chicken ever (I’m serious), in line with the ayam penyet in SIM foodcourt (that, my dear friend, isn’t food: it’s heaven). I told myself to make it my to-go for every KFC meal then.

But like McDonald’s McGriddles, it suddenly disappeared from the menu. Poof, gone, just like that.

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The grilled chicken was only shown to patrons through a standee outside the outlet, so not many people might know about it, too.

It’s officially here

Image: KFC Singapore

Unlike what happened earlier, this is here for all outlets, and won’t stay inside a standee.

However, do note that I cannot be certain whether it’s the same grilled chicken (though to be honest, how can it be different?).

According to KFC, the KFC Signature Grilled Chicken is borne of more than a year of research and development, and consumer taste testing (oh, could I have been part of this…consumer taste testing???).

KFC uses a whole quarter leg (a Singapore first for fast food restaurants) for the juiciest, tastiest grilled chicken that, according to them, is unsurprisingly finger lickin’ good.

The secret for this newly perfected grilled chicken that uses only fresh chicken leg lies in its signature marinade – a blend of paprika chili, pepper, garlic, onion and herbs. Every single piece is freshly oven-grilled in-store to a light crisped golden-brown deliciousness.

It’s reported to carry just 360 calories – with it filled with protein, it’ll definitely be a gym rat’s favourite.

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Salad is here too

Fancy having salad (real salad hor, not coleslaw) in KFC? Your wish is now granted: they now have Garden Salad, a mix of mesclun salad served with soy sesame dressing. It’ll cost $2.20 as an add-on to a meal.

Now, what they’re short of is a gym in the restaurant #justsaying

The new Signature Grilled Chicken will be available at all KFC restaurants, except KFC Changi Airport Terminal 1, Jurong West Street 51, KidZania, Singapore Zoo and Toa Payoh Lorong 1. It is priced at $5.90 à la carte or $8.95 for a meal that includes one regular whipped potato, coleslaw and a drink.

Stay tuned as we intend to steal our boss’s credit card to try this tomorrow. If it’s as good as it tastes a few months back, then KFC has a winner.

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