Kiasu Lvl 99: Parents Are Going for Tuition As Well

In an invisible ‘competition’ that only high-level kiasu parents can see, there is now a new strategy. In addition to the child going for tuition (note: possibly as young as kindergarten and below), the parents are going for tuition as well.

I think some parents took it too literally when somebody else told them to “try to understand the stress [their] children go through”.

What’s next? Grandparents also go?

Parents in Singapore are now signing up for ‘workshops’ in droves, to understand how better to assist their children in school.

A pregnant woman was so annoyed at a noisy baby that she threw a pot of burning mala at the baby. At the worst part of this? She wasn’t charged. Click on the image below to read about this shocking incident:

According to one of these hardcore moms, parents may be able to get to the solution, but the methods may be well past young children’s understanding. Going for such courses can allow these parents to better understand and appreciate what the child is going through.

Once you put it like that, it seems rather reasonable.

Then again, look at the price. Genius Young Minds, a tuition centre that does mainly primary school math, offers a monthly tuition for parents of children from primary 1 to primary 6. Classes cost between $257 and $397 per month.

That is not a small amount at all.

Frankly, this whole tuition thing seems to be getting out of hand. According to Dr Timothy Chan, director of SIM Global Education’s academic division, these parental tuition courses may lead to mixed results. Children might end up dependent on their parents.

In the long run, children will benefit more from parental encouragement, as they learn to excel on their own.

I tell you, one day in the future we’ll end up going to tuition for our children even before we have kids.

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