Kid on Kick Scooter Almost Ran Down By Car After Dashing Out Into The Middle Of The Road


If someone from a before-cars-were-invented era time-travelled to our era, cars would be one of the scariest shit to experience.

Just ask any cat.

Imagine this: a 2000kg mass of steel zooming at 90km/h, with the only way of stopping being the tired human behind the wheel being aware enough to stop the beast.

Not one, not two of these beasts, but literally a whole society having access to that giant killing machine at the age of 18.

I imagine that they would have the same reaction if I were to transport to the future and find that everybody has a personal Gundam shooting laser beams for giggles.

Pictured: Possibly the future?

Image: Giphy

To understand a little bit of the time traveller’s fear, a little bit of negligence in our modern, nearly insane society almost caused a child’s life.


Saved only by the awesome reaction of the driver.

The kid appears shocked after getting off his scooter, perhaps learning a lesson for life (literally and figuratively).

You can watch the full video below.


Good brakes, indeed.

PSA: Driving is still dangerous, people

It seems stupidly obvious, but non-drivers and drivers need to be reminded that modern technology is pretty dangerous. It’s not like this didn’t happen before.

In 2017, a boy was actually sent flying along Leedon Road. Yeah, not like a tap and “oh no I scraped my knees”.


Here’s a safe for work depiction:

Image: Giphy

Luckily, the boy survived because the driver was quick enough to jam-brake.

The common point: if you fool around with literal 2000kg monsters made of pure, hardened steel, the only thing you are relying on to save your life is the person controlling the monster. Which is, the quick reactions of the driver.

So what happens if the driver doesn’t have the reactions of Flash? Well, let’s just say that they can’t even feel sad or happy in the place they are going to.

Go to The Straits Time‘s traffic accident pages, and you’ll see there’s almost a daily occurrence of people dying.

PSA: Take care of your kids, people

We previously wrote an article on a baby boy falling 3 storeys down because of a mother’s 1-second mistake.


I get it. Taking care of children is basically a 24/7 job that doesn’t pay monetarily, and a very tiring one. But a little negligence costs a lot.

Different contexts, different scenario, but basically the same thing. Watch your kids, especially in these scenarios where 1 second can make all the difference.

This particular kid was saved by the driver’s reaction. Hopefully, after this near-death experience, he learnt to cross roads properly.

Perhaps a better suggestion would be to teach your kids how to cross the roads properly by looking for incoming vehicles WITHOUT near-death experiences.

I’m sure they can learn. Kids are pretty smart.

Just, you know, tell them that cars are basically pre-historic Gundams or Transformers incapable of shooting laser beams. Yet.


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