Kids Dressed Up as Bubble Tea for Halloween ‘Coz Bubble Tea is That Scary

What do you think of when you hit upon the word ‘Halloween’? I’m guessing scary stuff, like Valak, Voldemort and Steven Lim in his undies.

And indeed, that’s the traditional concept of the festive occasion, where one felt it their obligation to dress up as something spooky for some good ol’ trick or treats.

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However, it seems that like Chris Pratt, Halloween has really turned around in its direction. Nowadays, it’s more about the creative side and letting yourself go, than really anything else.

I mean sure; people still dress in creepy costumes, but compared to the past the ratio has seen a large decrease in general. Not saying that Halloween has become Comedween, but it seems that like Chris Pratt’s body, it has really gotten packed with variety.

Nevertheless, as open-ended as Halloween has gotten, there’s no denying that there’s still a certain limit to which you can explore. And somehow, somewhere, someone decided to test that theory.

With none other than a good old-fashioned bubble-tea suit.

Halloween: 50% Sugar, 50% Spooks

In a Children’s’ Halloween Costume Party hosted in the Asian side of the world, a girl has been spotted rocking not a bubble-killer suit, but a bubble-tea suit.

Image: 世界超級無敵宇宙級笑話天堂 Facebook Page

Which makes you wonder just how scary bubble-tea really is, apart from unspeakable amounts of sugar and the fact that the girl’s looking a tad bit disgruntled in the suit.

Cos of the 50% sugar, probably. No 100 no party.

But if you thought that the Bubbletea suit’s an idea out of this world, think again, for elsewhere…

Another Bubble-tea girl has been spotted.

Image: Mothership

And as you might’ve noticed, this one comes with a lot of pearls.

Which incidentally contributes to the bulk amount of calories in a bubble-tea drink. But I’m digressing; moving on.

Are you ready for some cuteness overload?

Because apparently, bubble tea might not actually be the highlight of the event. Although fittingly…

This one’s ‘supposed’ to be scary.

So if you recall, there was this particularly scary nun in The Conjuring universe, whose sole purpose seems to be frightening the living daylights out of you.

Image: WiffleGif

Well guess what; it seems that the creepy ass nun we’ve come to love…

Has downsized.

Meet… child Valak.

Image: 988 Play

Scarily… cute, this cosplayer has been turning heads. Although rather than eliciting shocked and creeped out expressions, it’s more of the kind when you see a cute puppy and just wanna pet it.

Image: 988 Play

At the risk of sounding like a complete pedophile…

Image: Tenor

And just look at how small she actually is!

Image: 988 Play
Image: 988 Play

Whoever knew that Valak could actually teach proper stuff too?

Image: 988 Play

Well, I’ll be damned.

Meanwhile, there’s also an adorable version of the traditional Hei Wu Chang & Bai Wu Chang, two Chinese deities reputable for escorting the dead to the underworld.

Image: Mothership

Now if the death gods looked like that, I wouldn’t feel so darn fearful about dying anymore. There’s just something about looking at two creepy figures while you walk to your ‘new home’, you know.

And then there’s the classic ‘Head in a bottle’ cosplay.

Image: Mothership

Which I must say actually looks pretty darn convincing.

And last but not least, we have a somewhat creepy af scene on the subway. I mean; I know they’re children and all…

But I wouldn’t want to see them in the middle of the night while alone, you get what I’m saying?

Image: Mothership

Well, I guess in a sense…

Halloween’s still Halloween huh?

Some bubble tea to calm my nerves please!