Some M’sians Are Throwing Rubbish Down Their Flat to Avoid Leaving the House

Malaysia’s nationwide lockdown, officially known as the Movement Control Order (MCO), has definitely affected all its residents in one way or another.

All of them are supposed to stay at home and minimise going out as much as possible.

Schools and non-essential businesses are closed, and although most restaurants remain open, customers are only allowed to take away their food.

However, the MCO has led to a lot of problems in the country as well, with many people refusing to comply with the government’s orders and stay at home.

And now, a new problem arises: some of them have started throwing their rubbish in all the wrong places.

Some M’Sians Throw Rubbish Down From Their Flats

The MCO orders all Malaysians to be responsible citizens and stay at home for these two weeks, but doing so has made some people pretty irresponsible.

Facebook user Musa Tarmizi took to the social media platform to share pictures of the first floor of a complex in Gombak, located in Selangor, completely filled with rubbish.

Image: Facebook (Musa Tarmizi)

It turns out that residents of the complex have been avoiding leaving their houses, and thus resorted to throwing their waste and rubbish down from their windows instead of disposing of it properly.

Image: Facebook (Musa Tarmizi)

Inconsiderate To Residents On The First Floor

He expressed his concern for those staying on the first floor of that complex, as they would obviously be the ones suffering from the stench of all that rubbish.

“Kepale bana la…ksian pda org kat tingkat bwah..rumah stiap masa bau smpah dri org yg tidak bertangungjwab…buang la sampah kat tempat yg betul..cuba la bijak sikit..otak jgn letak kat lutut…PPR GOMBAK SETIA 41…. ,” he wrote in his Facebook caption, which translates to:

I feel bad for the people living on the ground floor, their house probably smells like rubbish because of these irresponsible people. Throw your rubbish at the designated areas. Try to be a bit smart, don’t keep your brain at your knees. PPR Gombak Setia 41.

Who would have thought that a lockdown could make people this lazy?

I mean c’mon guys, your neighbours on the first floor don’t deserve to have their house smelling like your leftovers from dinner last night.

Image: Giphy

Hopefully, these irresponsible people will learn from their mistakes soon and clean up the nasty mess that they have made.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 Situation

Meanwhile, it has been about a week since Malaysia implemented the Movement Control Order to stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the country.

It began on 18 Mar, and everything is supposed to return to normal on 31 Mar.

However, Malaysian Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said on Monday, 23 Mar, that the government might consider extending the MCO by up to two weeks.

This would bring the total duration of Malaysia’s lockdown to a whole month.

It is the worst-hit Southeast Asian country and has a total of 1518 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 14 deaths. 970 of these cases, or 62 per cent, are linked to a religious gathering that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Most confirmed cases are receiving treatment in the hospital while 159 of them have already recovered and been discharged.

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