Former Kinderland Teacher Faces 5 More Charges; 4 Children Were Allegedly Ill-Treated By Her


Remember the incident involving a former Kinderland preschool teacher, who faced charges for ill-treating a child?

This was after video footage emerged in August last year, allegedly showing her handling children roughly.

This incident has led to a wider examination of the oversight and training of staff across the preschool industry, spearheaded by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

Following an independent review by a committee established by Kinderland to investigate the incidents of 2023, ECDA recently announced that Kinderland’s headquarters had not adequately supervised the training and oversight of its centres’ employees.

As a result, ECDA will continue its monitoring efforts across all Kinderland centers.

Additionally, fines totaling $10,000 were imposed on two preschools within the network where instances of child mismanagement were discovered.

Today, further details have emerged concerning the preschool teacher at the center of these allegations.

Former Kinderland Teacher Now Faces Six Charges

Lin Min, a Singaporean, was initially charged in August 2023 for the ill-treatment of a 23-month-old girl.

Lin allegedly forced the child to lie down and then poured water into her mouth shortly before 4 pm on 30 June 2023.

Today (28 February 2024), Lin faced an additional five charges involving three more children, bringing the total to six charges against four children.

These charges include three counts of ill-treating a child and two counts of using criminal force.

The allegations detail that Lin committed these offences at her then-place of employment.

A gag order prevents the disclosure of specific information about the children and the preschool’s location.

According to the most recent charges, Lin is accused of targeting a three-year-old boy on three separate occasions. She allegedly forced the toddler to lie down roughly on 27 June 2023.

The following day, she is accused of using criminal force by forcing a milk bottle into his mouth while he lay on the floor.

On 30 June 2023, she is alleged to have ill-treated him again, handling him roughly, with specific details withheld in court documents.


In separate incidents, Lin allegedly restrained a three-year-old girl to a chair and poured water into her mouth between 2 May and 29 July 2023.

Additionally, on 28 June 28, 2023, Lin is accused of hitting a two-year-old boy’s buttocks five times with a book.

A pre-trial conference for Lin is scheduled for 1 March.