Newborn Kitten Died After Falling off Woodlands HDB Ledge; Owner Allegedly Couldn’t be Contacted

It is especially devastating when it’s about the tragic death of a pet.

Just last Sunday on the 24 May, the Facebook page, Rescued Cats for Adoption, posted images of what looked like a kitten laying motionless in a plastic bag.

According to the post, the photographed kitten had fallen to its death just a minute after it was born.

Irresponsible Pet Owner Leaves Cat to Give Birth on Aircon Ledge 

The kitten was found dead at the foot of block 782B in Woodlands Crescent.

It had reportedly fallen from a unit’s air-conditioning ledge.

The Stomper who reported said that the owners of a pregnant cat had left it to give birth on the said ledge.

“One of the kittens stumbled to locate the mum cat but fell to the ground instead. It was an instant death,” she told Stomp.

Owners Unresponsive When Approached 

The report went on to say that various relevant authorities have been called to take action on the incident.

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This was also confirmed by the same rescue group on a separate post.

Despite the rescuers’ and the authorities’ many attempts at knocking on the alleged owner’s doors, the owner remains uncontactable.

Netizens Angered By Owner’s Negligence

What is a trigger inducing Facebook post without its comment section? Exactly.

The first post made by the rescue group has garnered a variety of sentiments from those who cursed at the owner and from the ones who simply wished peace to the departed feline.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Investigations Still Ongoing According to SPCA

The Director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Dr Jaipal Singh Gill, thanked the public for being vigilant and for reporting the case to them.

Mothership has summed up the statement in a similar article. It read:

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“The case has been reported to us and we thank the public for being vigilant and raising the alarm. It is always concerning to see pet cats allowed to roam outside of their homes and the animals gaining access to ledges of apartment blocks. We have seen countless cases of cats falling to their deaths, or sustaining very serious injuries from falls that could have been easily prevented. For a cat in labour, the risks are going to be much higher. In the present case, investigations are ongoing.” 

If you are faced with a similar situation and you wish to bring it up to a relevant authority or organisation, please do not hesitate to contact the following:

  • SPCA’s 24-hour emergency hotline at +65 6287 5355 extension number 9.
  • ACRES 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline at +65 9783 7782
  • SOSD Singapore’s emergency hotline at +65 9735 8677

For more details and information on how to go about these reports, you may visit SPCA’s animal rescue page.

Let’s continue to remain vigilant for the safety and wellbeing of our animals.

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