Husband Took Out 27cm Knife & Threatened Her After She Scolded Him for Smoking at Home

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Working from home can cause friction between couples, even loving ones.

Just look at Japan where the divorce rate actually went up during the pandemic.

And in Singapore itself, domestic abuse and the divorce rate are issues that the government is contending with.

But what if I were to tell you that somewhere in Singapore, things got so bad between a couple that a husband pulled a knife on his wife?

Believe it or not, this happened, and just recently, too.

Husband Took Out 27cm Knife & Threatened Her After She Scolded Him for Smoking at Home

According to Lianhe Wanbao, this incident took place on 14 Jun 2020 at around 8pm.

The husband, Dong Sihua (64 years old), was smoking in the living room when his wife, 61, came out of the room and scolded him for smoking at home.

The pair started quarrelling.

Seeing Dong getting emotional, his wife sought to protect herself from him by reminding him about her Personal Protective Order (PPO) against him.

Unfortunately, it backfired. Badly.

Dong, upon hearing about the PPO, allegedly got even angrier and went into the kitchen.

He grabbed a 27cm knife and went back to the living room, threatening to “chop off her head”.

Thankfully, nothing happened and Dong calmed down.

His wife subsequently took the knife and returned it to the kitchen.

At 10pm the same night, she went to the police station to lodge a police report.

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On 12 Oct 2020, Dong appeared in court and pleaded guilty to three charges:

  • Criminal Intimidation
  • Intentional Assault
  • Violation of Women’s Charter

The Personal Protection Order

You might’ve been reading through the part above carefully and find yourself wondering, why did the wife have a PPO against Dong?

Turns out, this wasn’t the first time Dong lashed out at her.

It was revealed in court that on 16 Nov 2019, Dong and his wife had a conflict in the bedroom at around 8am.

The conflict heated up and Dong grabbed onto his wife and slapped her on the face.

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She was bleeding from her lips and suffered chest pain in the aftermath of that incident.

Then, he was given a 12-month conditional warning.


According to TODAYonline, a conditional warning basically means that the convicted individual must remain crime-free for a certain period of time after it’s given.

If it’s broken, as Dong had done, the individual could be charged for the original crime which resulted in the warning, as well as the new offences that he has committed.

The prosecution of the case had requested that the judge deliver a heavy sentence based on two factors.

The first is that the chance of repeating his offences is high.

The second is that while Dong has a history of mental illness, it did not act up when he was committing the offence.


The judge eventually sentenced him to 18 months’ jail.


Speaking of smoking at home, did you know that an MP in Yishun is trying to get smoking near windows and doors at home banned?

Although granted, it’s not progressing very well.