Do You Know When You Should Take A Cold Shower Or A Hot One? Here Are The Facts


Last Updated on 2023-03-19 , 5:03 pm

Nothing beats starting your day with a shower. You’d probably spend the first ten minutes standing and enjoying the hot water beating down your skin and washing all the sleepiness away.

Is a hot shower the best thing for your body? A cold shower could jumpstart you in a different way – you step out of the bathroom feeling crisp and refreshed.

To be honest, you can take hot and cold showers during the day, but the keyword here is when.

Here’s the breakdown, just for you.

When It’s Hot

A hot shower is your best buddy when it comes to relieving stiff muscles and tension. Allow the hot water to work on your body like a soothing massage. Focus on your back, neck and shoulders for the best results.

Another good time to have a hot shower is when you’re having a cold. Shut your bathroom windows and doors. Let the hot steam from your shower decongest and moisturise your nasal passage.

Did you know that a hot shower can elevate your oxytocin levels? This reduces your anxiety levels – now that’s one way to kill off the stress from your office!

When It’s Cold

Yes, just the thought of stepping into a cold shower has got your tingling all over. Once you’re gotten over the initial shock, it’s the best feeling ever.

Cold showers are actually the better choice for your tresses and skin. It hydrates and soothes your dry skin, and reduces extra breakouts on your hair – less split ends to deal with!

A cool shower at least two times in a day for just 3 minutes can aid in depression. It’s not going to be the ultimate cure, but it will surely give you some down time.

The Best Shower Combo

If you’re afraid of hitting it from the get-go with a cold spray, start with a decent shower temperature. Switch your knob to a cold shower for the final 5 minutes, and your body will be shocked into an almost 100% awakened state.

This is a good thing.

The 180-turn in the temperature cuts out the fatigue from your body and peaks your mental alertness – imagine being as sharp as a chef’s knife.

Switch your shower temp today and glean the benefits today!