Woman Makes Fish Soup with Koi Fish That Could’ve Cost Thousands of Dollars


What’s the most expensive soup you’ve had? The shark-endangering shark fin soup during weddings and CNY functions?

Well, this one lady in Malaysia took it to task to make the dish of fish soup using her pet KOI FISH.

Well, she didn’t kill them at least. Almost 30 koi fish died thanks to being suffocated.

So, here’s the lowdown on what happened and how the how the news became viral.

Facebook Post On Food Gone Wrong Goes Viral

There’s this FB page group MASAK APA TAK JADI HARI INI OFFICIAL (What I Cooked Today That Failed Official), where one particular Amanda Omeychua talked about her “dish” that went wrong.

Her koi fish had died from suffocation as her maid missed out in turning off the water supply to the fish tank. The cause? The drop in the oxygen levels of the water.

The lady actually brought out the measuring tape to get the length of her prized fish which had died – some were at 37cm!


She even updated pictures of her fish before and after she chopped them up, and finally when they were served as a soup dish with lemongrass, cili padi, garlic and onions. It kinda looked like a colourful fish soup, given the attractive orange and white of the koi fish.

How’d it taste? According to Amanda, she says that it reminds her of how patin fish tastes. This fish is called silver catfish in English ya.

Her post has since been liked for more than 10,000 times, and likewise shared more than 1,300 times.

Koi fish can cost between $10 to $100 each, but these fish that look like oversized goldfish can fetch thousands or even millions of dollars. One of them costs a whopping USD$1.8 million!

Abalone: Now I feel cheap.

IKR, except that people eat abalone regularly and no one eats koi fish.

Featured Image: Facebook (Amanda Omeychua)

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