2 Korean Celebrities Confirm Their Divorce on the Same Day


In just a day, two Korean celebrities confirmed their divorces.

Following the divorce announcement of South Korea actress Hwang Jung-eum last week, the entertainment industry was abuzz when news of two more divorces broke today (29 February).

Heo Dong-won Confirms His Divorce

The first is 43-year-old actor Heo Dong-won, who gained significant popularity for his role as a twisted male teacher in the hit Korean drama Dark Glory.

Back then, after the series concluded, Heo had shared the joyous news of his impending marriage with fans, affectionately referring to his wife as “the most precious friend in life.”

The couple tied the knot on 1 March 2023, in a ceremony that was met with warm wishes from fans and friends alike.

However, just a year into the marriage, reports of their divorce surfaced, shocking many who had followed Heo’s rise to fame and subsequent personal happiness.

Today, Heo’s agency confirmed the divorce, stating, “It’s true that they have divorced, but it is difficult to answer other questions regarding the artist’s private life.”

His ex-wife is not a celebrity.

A Singer’s Marital Journey Ends

Coincidentally, Lee Eun-young,  known as Ben, a singer known for her contributions to the original soundtracks of dramas such as There’s Tomorrow, The Red Sleeve Cuff, Dear My Senior, Mr. Sunshine, and Hotel Del Luna, also confirmed her divorce on the same day.

Ben, 32, married the chairman of W Foundation, Lee Wook, in 2021, and the couple has a daughter the following year. According to reports from Korean media, the couple filed for divorce at the end of 2023.

Ben’s agency released a brief statement, confirming the news: “It is true that Ben got divorced. We’re checking on the details about the reasons for the divorce. It was decided that Ben will have custody (over their child).”