Kpop Star Explored S’pore By Taking MRT & Bus Without Being Spotted

Image: Instagram

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry…

Does this song somehow ring a bell to you?


That’s right – it’s the addictive hit song by K-pop group Super Junior released back in 2009 that got us all either belting it out every second of the day or yelling to get it out of our heads. (I’m still the former, it’s just too good)

Wait, it’s been 10 years?!

And if you’re a K-pop fan, you’d know that this song is an icon all by itself, and so is Super Junior, one of SM Entertainment’s prized boy groups who are still active up to this date.

They’re talented in dancing, singing, rapping, and just about anything to bring to the table of what a fully dynamic K-pop group needs, including many hidden talents – one of them possesses the power to go from Super Junior to super ninja.

Super Singapore

Super Junior recently came down to Singapore just over the weekend on May 25-26 alongside other K-pop groups as a headliner for Hallyu Pop Fest, a K-pop festival.

Image: E! Online

And as it’s known that chilli crab is to Singapore like kimchi is to Korea, the members, of course, celebrated with a mouthwatering chilli and pepper crab feast after the performance, a classic favourite for K-pop idols who come to Singapore.

Image: Instagram/eunhyukee44

I’m famished just looking at that photo… *drools*

However, we all know eating chilli crab isn’t enough to fully experience the sights and sounds that our country has to offer. So, one of the members decided to stay on for another day to go on his own solo tour of Singapore.

Going Sololololo…

Eunhyuk, the charismatic dancing machine and rapper of Super Junior, explored the city on his own on Monday, 27 May.

Image: Instagram/eunhyukee44

He didn’t forget to take pictures for memory, subsequently posting them up on his Instagram (eunhyukee44).

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

According to the photos, he took a Duck Tour bus to visit places such as St. Andrews Cathedral and strolled along the Singapore River at the Clarke Quay area too.

Image: Instagram/eunhyukee44

What beautiful photography~

Eunhyuk even took public transport just like a normal tourist on a double-decker bus and even on the Downtown Line, which was probably pretty much empty on a Monday.

Image: Instagram/eunhyukee44

He even posted up a cute selca at the front seat of an empty double-decker bus, commenting “Love you la SingaporeELF 💙”. So sweet, he even used Singlish!!!

Sigh, I take the Downtown Line every day but why don’t I ever see handsome K-pop idols in there?! Life is unfair.


Mr Super Ninja

Amazingly, barely anyone noticed that a K-pop star, especially a Super Junior member, was walking alongside them, blending into the diverse cultural landscape of Singapore.

For those of you who always complain that you can’t find good looking guys on Singapore’s streets, maybe it’s just because you aren’t looking hard enough.

It seems like K-pop idols might commonly walk among us more than we think!

On the other hand, it’s good for K-pop idols to be able to walk around on the streets without getting stared at and whispered about or bombarded with requests for photos and autographs, for a lot of them do not get the chance to do so especially in Korea.

It’s a common concern for K-pop idols nowadays as they’ve revealed in interviews – while the fame is something they can live with, on some days, they’d like to live normally as themselves and not as an idol.

If you’re ever lucky enough to bump into a K-pop idol who’s walking alone on the street, try your best not to bother them on their holiday. It’s great if they don’t mind taking a photo with you, but ultimately respecting their privacy should be the first priority.

We hope you enjoyed your time here in our sunny island, Eunhyuk!