TikTok Sensation “Kudasai Girl” Having Second Meet-and-Greet on Sunday at Museum of Ice Cream S’pore

If you were in Sentosa yesterday (14 June), you might have seen this and probably wondered what happened.

@hal.baddie Singapore KUDASAIIIII 🇸🇬🫶🏾🇸🇬 thank you so much @Sentosa ♬ original sound – Devin Halbal

It’s actually Devin Halbal, who’s also known as the “Kudasai Girl.”

Kudasai Girl has steadily amassed a huge following with her witty charm and positive energy through her solo travel videos on TikTok.

Her signature style involves confidently walking the streets with a long selfie stick, spinning catchy phrases like “doll check-in,” “Met Gala behaviour,” and “I’m a butterfly.”

She’s similar to Uncle Raymond, except that she mouths catchy phrases instead of dancing outside MRT stations.

Kudasai Girl’s first Singapore meet-and-greet took place on 14 June from 5-6pm at Palawan Green in Sentosa, and as expected, fans stormed to greet her.

She has announced a second meet-and-greet event in Singapore on 16 June. The free event will be held at the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore, located at 100 Loewen Road, at 6pm.

How Kudasai Girl Came About

Uncle Raymond danced to keep fit; how did Kudasai Girl start her TikTok journey?

Her fame skyrocketed after a trip to Japan, where she posted a clip singing “sushi kudasai,” which went viral and propelled her to destinations like Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan, with scores of fans showing up to meet her at each stop.

@hal.baddieThe only words I know in Japanese.♬ original sound – Devin Halbal

Sushi is, well, sushi, and kudasai means “please give me” in Japanese, so “sushi kudasai” means “Can I have sushi, please?”

Well, in the world of TikTok, that is all it takes to go viral.

Upon arriving in Singapore, Kudasai Girl has been spotted exploring various local attractions.

She toured the iconic Jewel Changi Airport, which she called her “new fav airport” due to its “beautiful interior and architecture.”

Kudasai Girl also visited what appeared to be the Tanjong Pagar area and even encountered some of Singapore’s native jungle fowl during her explorations.

One of her most viral posts?

Eating chicken rice.

@hal.baddieChicken rice kudasaiiii 🇸🇬

♬ original sound – Devin Halbal

She’s also seen singing location-specific phrases like “Changi Airport kudasai,” “kopi peng kudasai,” and “lobang kudasai.”

Now, if she would dance with Uncle Raymond, that’d be an epic collaboration.