Kuehs From 2 Manufacturers Recalled After Benzoic Acid Was Detected in Them

Did you eat kueh recently?

If you did, you might want to check if they were from K & B Nonya Kueh Manufacture or Beng San Food Industry.

Here’s why.

SFA Recalling Kueh Due To Detection of Benzoic Acid

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) detected benzoic acid in kueh products manufactured by the two companies and has issued a recall.

Affected kuehs include Kueh Seri Muka (Pandan, Corn and Red Bean flavours) and Kueh Lapis from K & B Nonya Kueh Manufacture. The affected kuehs from Beng San Food Industry includes yam cake, carrot cake, pumpkin cake, soon kueh and png kueh.

Benzoic acid is not permitted for use in kueh products under the Singapore Food Regulations. But why?

Benzoic Acid Can Cause Changes in Nervous System and Brain

Before you freak out, the SFA said that based on the levels of benzoic acid detected in the kuehs, once-off consumption is unlikely to be of concern.

Unless you ate a hundred kuehs at a kueh eating contest, then… good luck.

Although once-off consumption is okay, consumers should not be eating food with high levels of benzoic acid for long periods of time. Studies on animals fed with high doses of benzoic acid have shown disorders of the central nervous system, as well as changes in their brains.

So although it is a common additive in food and is safe in small quantities, better safe than sorry, right?

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If you ate the affected products and are concerned about your health, do go and seek medical advice. If you’re not sure if what you ate was affected, you can also contact the retailers you bought the kueh from for more enquiries.

The two manufacturing companies have not commented on this recall yet.

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Featured Image: Singapore Food Agency