Lady Eats Cup Noodles Every Day To Afford Present For Friend’s 21 B’Day


I love instant noodles, especially the Tom Yam flavoured ones and Samyang’s Korean Spicy Noodles.

My love for Maggi Mee knows no bounds…

…except if I have to eat it every single day just to afford a birthday present for a friend.

Warning kids: Don’t try this at home.

According to an Utar Confessions Facebook post, a Malaysian university student had to resort to eating instant noodles every day so that she could afford to buy a birthday present for her friend’s 21st birthday.

The worst part? Her efforts weren’t even reciprocated and she realised it wasn’t worth it.

Image: My Salty Marshmallow

For some reason, turning 21 is a big thing in today’s society. Most of us choose to throw a party, buy a big slab of cake with their initials and invite friends.

Went To Great Lengths For Her Friends’ Birthday

As any good friend would, this Malaysian student went above and beyond to make sure her friend had a good birthday.

  • She bought a bus ticket to go back to her hometown to attend her friend’s birthday party despite her exams being around the corner
  • She allegedly bought an expensive gift for her friend and was late for the party because she was choosing the present
  • She spent so much on the gift that she had to resort to eating instant noodles for the rest of the month

Ungrateful Friend

Sadly, her efforts went to waste:

  • Instead of thanking her for the gift, her friend scolded her for being late
  • When the Malaysian student’s own birthday rolled around, she didn’t even receive a birthday wish from her friend. Nada.
  • Her friend only contacted her about her birthday a month later and claimed that a birthday wish would not be special.

To her defence, her friend did go out with her to celebrate her birthday.. eventually. I mean, better late than never right?

Be Grateful For Those Who Do Matter

One of the lessons she learnt was not to expect to receive as much as she gives. She says, “I no longer have any hope that people will put in the same effort as I do for them.”

Instead, she has become more grateful for those that do matter: her family. The incident has made her learn from her mistakes and has taught her to cherish her loved ones even more.

“I don’t even come home to celebrate my parents’ birthdays, and I seldom buy them gifts, but they have never blamed me. When I’m home to celebrate my family members’ birthdays, they even tell me they want to bring me out for a good meal, but I turn them down saying I’m not free.”

“I think I now know who are the most important people to me.”