Lady Gave Birth in GrabCar & Driver Was Calm Throughout

Have you seen those intense situations in movies and TV dramas?

The wife’s about to give birth, but they’re nowhere near a hospital?

You’d probably think that it would never happen in real life.

But it just did.

This story’s got it all. Exciting, comedic, and heartwarming elements are spread throughout this tale.

So buckle your seat belts.


On 7 August (Wednesday), a woman known as Kamal Wani on Facebook was expecting a baby on our National Day.

While that would have been perfect as the child would then get a free public holiday every year on her birthday, things don’t always work out the way you want.

The frequency of her contractions were getting shorter and each one was increasing in intensity.

For those familiar with childbirth, this meant that the baby was about to step into the world.

Her husband started searching frantically for necessary documents and objects (Kamal also noted here how mums should prepare their stuff two weeks in advance) as she “laid on the bed like a gorgeous dugong”.

While her doctor told her to make their way to Thomson Medical Centre at 2:00 pm., Kamal decided against it, possibly ready to go through labour at home.

However, past 5:00 p.m., she realised the lack of wisdom in that decision, and called for her husband to book a Grab car.


Kamal tried to maintain her calmness while in the GrabCar as she was in the presence of another stranger, but her contractions were making that task a difficult one.

But that’s when everything went wrong.

Her body went into active labour. Her baby was tired of waiting, and decided to squeeze her way out of her mother to see the world.

As Kamal noted in her Facebook post, they weren’t even halfway to the hospital.

At this point, she decided to give up her dignity, moaning “in pain like an angry ogre that misses its’ dinner” and push the baby out.

After more moans from Kamal, her husband started to panic.

Not knowing what to do, he decided to cover her mouth with his hands to muffle her moans and told her to be patient.

Damn, that last line sounds so weird.

Ignoring her husband, she decided to keep pushing and her water broke. Several minutes later, her baby’s head was crowning.


Her husband bent over to look, yelling “Oh my god the head is out” before shoving the baby back up her nether region in a state of panic.

Damn, that sounds weird, too.

Kamal also made a comment in her post at this part: “HELLO I MADE EFFORT TO GET THE BABY OUT YOU SIMPLY SHOVE HER BACK IN!”

She simply decided to push harder, and the baby slipped out of her.

In a moment of fatherly instinct, her husband immediately caught the baby in his arms.

Image: Facebook


While Kamal felt slightly relieved, her husband started to panic more, not knowing what to do as he patted the baby’s bottom.

Image: Facebook

He then asked the driver to roll the windows down before sticking his bloodied arm out to direct the traffic to make way for them.

After arriving at TMC safely, the couple both thanked and apologised profusely to the Grab driver for turning his car into a “horrific mass murder scene”.

However, he was extremely understanding and insisted that they take care of the baby before considering compensation for his troubles.

The baby daughter, now named Mia, is healthy, adorable baby safely resting at the hospital now.

Image: Facebook


To end off her post, Kamal thanked the two biggest heroes of Mia.

Firstly, her husband, who was there for her every step of the way and formed beautiful memories together.

And of course the Grab driver, named Mr Chia Shang Heng, who was kind, tolerant, understand, and most of all remained incredibly calm despite the events happening in his backseat.

I mean, even the husband had understandably panicked, but the driver continued driving like a boss.

Image: Facebook

Let’s all give him a standing ovation, shall we?

Childbirth, while painful and torturous, is a miraculous, magical, and memorable journey.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the mother herself, Nur Syazwani Muhammad (aka Kamal Wadi) for being the miracle giver.

If you want to read the original Facebook post, you can do so here:


At the moment, I am cuddling skin to skin with my precious newborn. It’s hard for me to stop staring at her long enough…

Posted by Kamal Wani on Thursday, 8 August 2019

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