Lady Lost Job Offer After Finding Out She’s Pregnant, But Company Did Not Break Any Law

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Imagine this:

You go to a company and you’ve gone through the interview.

The person who interviewed you likes you.

And your hiring manager is always smiling at you and saying, boisterously, “Welcome to the team!”

So what’s the next step?

Logically, you go through a medical checkup.

HR: Don’t worry, it’s nothing special. It’s just to certify that you’re fit for the company.

Worried: And if I don’t pass?

HR: So far, we’ve not had anybody who fails. I guess if you do fail, you’re probably going to die. Eh he he, just kidding. Don’t worry about it.

*Three days later*

HR: Sorry, you’ve failed the medical examination.

Worried: WTH?! Am I going to die?!

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

*Kdrama slow-mo ending, credits roll, see you next week*

Now, you’re probably wondering what story am I pulling out of my ass the thin air this time, but I assure you, this is no story.

It’s something that allegedly happened.

Introducing Miss A (Not The Girl Group)

Image: Facebook

Facebook user Miss A took to Facebook to share about her experience.

She claimed that a company suddenly took away a job offer for her because they found out about her pregnancy.

So here’s how the story goes:

She applied for a position and got invited to the company for an interview. After the interview, the company told her that they’re going to make her an offer.

So they got her into the office and got her to sign the contract. Unfortunately, the head of HR and the managing director of the company were on leave.

They decide to get her to go for a mandatory checkup first while waiting for the big heads to be back.

And so she went.

Pregnancy Discovered

When she was at the doctor for the checkup, the doctor asked if her menses were normal.

She told the doctor that it wasn’t and was advised to go for a pregnancy test.

So she did, using her own money.

Little did she realise what was to come next.

Company Started Giving Reasons For Not Offering Her The Job

Upon hearing about her pregnancy, the company said they would not offer her the job.

First, they tried to dissuade her using the reason that the site office isn’t safe for pregnant women.

When she insisted on wanting the job, they allegedly told her that the next few months are going to be busy.

Even after she told them she’ll cut down on her maternity leave, they decided that she wasn’t suitable for the job anymore as her pregnancy will affect her work.

Frustrated & Feeling Discriminated Against

Despite promising that she would not let her pregnancy affect her work and requesting to meet HR to discuss, the company refused to consider her for the position.

They allegedly cited the “demanding job nature and environment” of the position as their reason for not offering her the position.

Her question is: what changed? I wasn’t pregnant before, and I am now, so I’m no longer suitable?

Hence, discrimination.

You can read her full story here.

Was The Company Breaking Any Law?

Now, here’s the question everybody is incredibly curious about: did the company break any law?


For one, she did not sign any contract (supposedly because her contract is invalid without the signatures of the HR manager and the managing director.)

And even if she did sign, she did not turn up for work on the first day as stipulated by the employment contract. Even if she was instructed not to do so.

This means that their working relationship hasn’t started and so, the Employment Act hasn’t come into effect.

Netizens’ Comments

Given how SJW and gung-ho people online are today, you’ll expect them to side with Miss A.

And some of them did.

One even advised her to just fake it till she gets it (the job).

News flash: if the company catches and proved that you lied during your acceptance, the company can still fire you.

But there are others who are on the side of the company.

While some tried to persuade her with reasons.

Others simply dismissed her as a self-entitled lady.

One that tried to test the system.

And another netizen decided to be encouraging yet frank.


But that’s enough of the netizens.

What we want to know, is…*drumroll*

What do you think? Let us know!