Lady Marries Online Boyfriend Against Family’s Wishes & Discovers He’s Actually A Millionaire


Last Updated on 2020-03-11 , 4:09 pm

If there’s a real-life love story that rivals my colleague bufflord95, it’ll probably be this.

This love story that we’re going to write about is like a combination of Crazy Rich Asians…

…and 比悲伤跟悲伤的故事, just without that f*cked-up ending.

Vietnamese Girl Meets Prince Charming Online Trying To Find Out About Another Guy

So here’s how the story goes: Vietnamese lady (Nguyen Van Anh) was scrolling through Instagram as usual when she saw a man posing for a picture with an Instagram personality she followed.


She contacted him via Facebook to ask if he was close friends with her idol and was disappointed when he said he wasn’t.

However, the two of them continued chatting online.

Then, They Became A Couple After Six Months.

Van Anh studied and graduated from Hanoi University.


Dang Tuan (the guy) was a Vietnamese living and working in Russia.

But that did not stop the two lovebirds from becoming a couple.

They maintained a long-distance relationship for ten months before deciding to get married.

Happy news!

Or not.

Unfortunately, not everybody’s happy with the situation.

Not Pleased

Her mother was not happy with her daughter’s choice at all.

Van Anh will regret marrying someone she met online, she claimed. And to make things worse, they did not know each other for long.


Undaunted, Dang Tuan flew over to Vietnam from Russia to meet with her parents and convince them of his sincerity.

After much persuasion from the couple, their parents finally gave in.

In Mar 2017, she flew over to Russia to discuss their wedding.

*Cue Crazy Rich Asian music*

The Guy is Actually a Millionaire

She got the shock of her life when she arrived.


Her beloved, Dang Tuan, is actually a rich businessman and the general manager of a well-known brand.


The entire reason why he hid this from her was that he didn’t want her to know yet.

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So the couple got married in a grand and lavish wedding at a five-star hotel in Hanoi.


Based in Russia with two beautiful children, Van Anh said regardless of his financial status, she would’ve fallen in love with him anyway.

Now that you’ve read about their story, don’t you agree that this is practically the real-life story of Crazy Rich Asians?

But Be Careful of Online Love Anyway

Because while there’s a beautiful story like this floating around since 2017, and plenty of Tinder-met-now-married stories, there are other stories about online love scams floating around the internet as well.


It’s so prevalent we even did a video on it.

If you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favour and spend 9 minutes on it. I bet my boss’s smelly shoes that it’ll be worth it.