Lady Who Wanted to Use Starbucks for Work Complained of Students Hogging Seats


Can you…sense the irony in the headline?

No? Okay, read on.

So basically, a Stomper went to Starbucks in Bishan Community Centre on 11 June 2018 (that’s a Monday by the way) at about 12:30 p.m. Well, our righteous lady here wasn’t there to hog a seat to study, hog a seat to take an OOTD or to hog a seat to work. She’s a consultant and was there to meet a client.

And for some inexplicable reason, that warranted a seat in the cafe. Because client leh, the word “client” already sound so atas, no?

To her surprise, she saw that the cafe was filled with students studying.


Here, the exact words she sent to Stomp:

“After five to 10 minutes of waiting, it looked like nobody was going to leave soon…They had all their notes and laptops with them.”

She finally gave up and went to her client’s house for the meeting instead (guess we all know what consultant she is now).

And of course, she provided an argument for her frustration:

“I feel like for work, it’s okay but students can study at home or at school…When I was a student, my friends and I would go back to our Junior College to study.”

Now, bear in mind that it’s the school holidays now for most schools, even for tertiary institutions.

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But moving on, she mentioned that it’s the third times she has experienced this.

So perhaps, on the third time, Stomping it would make a difference?

But hey, that;s not all. The Strawberry of course has more to offer: a suggestion to Starbucks.

“Maybe Starbucks can enforce no studying during peak hours like during lunch…These students buy $5 drinks and park at Starbucks for five hours.”

Have you now felt the irony?

The Irony is too Damn High

If you haven’t, here’s a chim sentence for you: the end doesn’t justify the means. Sort of lah.

Having said that, it doesn’t matter what you do in Starbucks, whether it’s studying, working, meeting a client, taking countless images for OOTD or showing off that you’re working when you’re YouTubing.

As long as you hog a seat, you hog a seat.

Putting a time (e.g. studying takes more time than meeting a client) isn’t a valid argument: I know of people who study for 10 minutes and give up upon that, and I’m pretty sure there are insurance agents who explain two policies for five hours with just a cup of Mocha.

It’s just interesting to read a Strawberry complaining about Strawberries, isn’t it?

Studying in Starbucks is a Hot Issue But Students Get Most of the Blame

Unless you’ve not been paying your Internet bills and are trapped in a world known as Life, you’ll know that studying in Starbucks is a hot, hot issue.

Last year, a student even complained online about being “chased out” from Starbucks and obviously, it didn’t go well with netizens. Starbucks has to step in to defend the girl from triggered netizens.

Starbucks, as per our understanding, does not have any policy about this but work to “find the right balance”

But if you really think about this, you might just realize something deep: there are many cafe, fast-food restaurants and even seats in void decks.

However, the complains are always about Starbucks.

That makes you think, doesn’t it?

My bias conclusion?

It’s atas enough for online humblebragging.

After all, no one would take a  selfie in McDonald’s and caption it with “Studying for Finals”.

But everyone would do it in Starbucks.

And therefore, they crowd the area because taking a perfect picture is time-consuming and hard work. Just ask any influencer.

Now you know what Singaporeans are talking about today; do check back tomorrow for another piece of news of the day!