Lady Who Wore ‘Super Skimpy’ Outfit At Somerset MRT is a Freelance Model & She Has Responded

Every so often, we get a piece of news that’s so sentimental, so value-added that we get enlightened from it and start having hope in life again. This article topic, lest you’re wondering…

…is not one of them.

Now, Singapore might be like that strict, grumpy teacher in school who’s always uptight about everything, but it isn’t exactly North Korea. People are free to dress however they want, and honestly, it’s not that rare to see someone with a T-Shirt going ‘**** you’ on the streets either. Sure it isn’t exactly something you’ll want to wear to meet your prospective in-laws, but it’s still alright. I think.

But then again, like everything else, there are limits you can’t cross. One’s ditching all the clothes altogether and showing everyone your birthday suit. Another’s dressing in such a way that wardrobe malfunctions aren’t just impossible…

But very much a distinct possibility.

Like Ms Ashley Garcia, for example. Having donned a skimpy outfit that threatened to spill all her assets, she soon found herself the ‘victim’ of alleged cyberbullying, with Netizens chiding her on her choice of attire. Apparently, just like me, they believe in one thing:

There’s a right place for the right time.

And Singapore is just too ‘proper’ for that at the moment.


A while back, a woman found herself the object of gossip after photos of her in a skimpy outfit went viral online. She had been queuing for an automated teller machine (ATM) at Somerset MRT station when she was photographed in a thin tank top, that for lack of a better phrase didn’t exactly draw zero stares.

Image: Stomp

Looks okay from the back? Wait till you see what comes next.

Image: Stomp

Subsequently, the pictures made their way online, and Netizens had their say. While some felt that there was nothing wrong with her attire…

Image: Stomp

There were some that lambasted her dressing as ‘obscene‘.

Image: Stomp


On Tuesday (12 Feb), Ms Garcia confirmed with Stomp that she was indeed the woman in the photos.

In a Facebook post, she expressed her regret at her choice of attire and stated that there was no “malicious intention” by wearing it. Ms Garcia also acknowledged her critics and clarified that she was wearing shorts and nipple tape at the time.

She also hopes that the person who posted her photos online can “apologise quickly” too.

You can see the post down below:

In case you can’t read:

Yes, this was me waiting in the ATM queue. I was not aware that somebody took a photo of me (I don’t personally know his purpose). I apologize if I offended any culture on this outfit, but, please understand that I do not have any obscene or malicious intention by wearing it. I am sorry if you think that this was an “indecent exposure” but, it was not my intention. To those people who are already hitting me below the belt and criticizing me of something, I respect you. You are already telling things which are too personal that is already outside of what you see in the picture. I was already cyber shamed, bullied and threatened by several people because of this.

PS. I was wearing shorts and nipple tapes during that time. Peace, mwah!

What do you think?

Honestly speaking, I’m a guy. Like the majority of guys in the forums and comments section, I would’ve probably found it hard-pressed to resist sneaking a glance, had I been there.

But nevertheless, I stand by what I said in the introductory paragraph. There’s a right place for the right time, and a crowded area like Somerset just isn’t appropriate for such ‘loud’ attires. A boyfriend’s home is one thing…


A place filled with traditional elderlies, couples and shagged office workers is another.

Though of course, that’s just my view. What about you? Was the woman’s dressing sense well within boundaries? Or did she cross the line?

At least now we know that there’s a POSB ATM in Somerset MRT Station.

On wait, maybe it is all a…

Image: Onedio
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