Lai Liao: Go-Jek Launches Official Website for S’pore Drivers to Pre-Register


Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who adore ride-hailing companies like Grab and Go-Jek, we have some awesome news to share with you.

Especially if you’re like my broke and fat boss who wants to be ferried everywhere he goes.

Go-Jek is Making a Move in S’pore

It’s been months since Go-Jek has expressed their interest in coming to Singapore. Month after month of waiting while you’re dealing with Grab prices.

In fact, they’ve had a data science office in Singapore since Jan 2017. But it’s Oct 2018 now.

The fact that they’re here but not making any damn moves is making your itch much worse than a sandfly bite at the Mandai area.

Image: Town of Salem Wiki – Fandom

But wait no more.

Because Go-Jek, glorious Go-Jek, is finally making their first move.

Go-Jek has officially launched an online portal for pre-registration, through which drivers can provide their contact details to the company.


The drivers will be provided with details on how to apply to drive for Go-Jek when the ride-hailing service is launched.

On the website where drivers can opt-in, they also announced that they’ll be “arriving soon”.

It was reported that the Go-Jek ride-hailing service will go live in late November.

A spokesperson for Go-Jek says they understand the importance of driver-partners and will strive to build strong, engaging relationships with them.

PDVL Still A Requirement

So, for those who are waiting eagerly to drive with GOCAR, make sure you’ve already obtained a Private Driver Vocational License.

After all, private-hire drivers in Singapore are required to have one before they can start driving, and Go-Jek won’t be any different.

In order to have a PDVL, you’re required to:

  • Pass LTA’s required medical examination and background checks
  • Held a valid class 3/3A/3C/3CA Singapore driving licence for at least a
    continuous period of two years at the point of application
  • Be able to speak and read simple English (documentary proof must be submitted)
  • Singapore PRs and Foreign Work Pass Holders must be driving for a company or business as Chauferred Services Driver.

Look out, Grab

According to reports, Go-Jek has plans to invest US$500 million in its international expansion plan to enter Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Go-Jek is also ambitious, for its ultimate goal is to “replicate the multi-service business model that has made it the market leader in Indonesia”.


By the way, if you’ve not seen the list of services in the Go-Jek app in Indonesia, it’s impressive.

Indonesians can book cleaning and laundry services, grocery shopping and more on the Indonesian version of the app.

Aren’t you excited to see what they can do here in Singapore?

Launched in 2011 in Jakarta, Go-Jek is Indonesia’s first billion-dollar start-up.

In Indonesia, Go-Jek boasts 20-25 million monthly users and it processes more than 100 million transactions.


Watch out, Grab.  There’s more than one driver in town now.