This Latest Food Trend with Melted Cheese in Bun is Disgusting Yet Attractive


Hello, all foodies! Are you a burger lover or cheese fanatic? Here’s the latest raved about food you can’t miss out. It certainly sounds delicious but let’s just say the looks of it might put you off a little.

Flowing cheese that pops like a pimple

Take a look at this monster burger created a Raw Materials which is based in New York City.

This burger explodes melted cheese!!!

Posted by Food Envy on Wednesday, 16 November 2016

With the cheese shooting straight out of the burger like a geyser, the white creamy texture reminds many of a similar experience: popping a pimple.

Yet, there is just something so attractive about this burger that makes many want to try it, either for the fun of squishing the burger or simply just to taste it.

What do people really think?

First up, netizens who watched the video flooded it with comments on how it totally resembles the pimple popping process. Many even relate it to their very own experiences of popping their huge pimples. They also compare it with the videos on pimple popping which are strangely popular as well.

Apart from the many comments on the burger being too gross to be eaten, some netizens feel that the while the burger has a good concept, it will become too messy when eating it. Others are worried about all the wasted cheese that won’t even be eaten with the burger.

How is the bun created?

If you are interested in taking a look at how the bun is actually made from scratch, here’s how.

I won’t make further comments on the looks or taste of it but i definitely feel that this burger is a guilty pleasure. Just the thought of the calories consumed scares me a little.

What about you? Will you give it a go?

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