‘Lazada’ Scammers Asks For Credit Card Details, Gets Trolled Instead

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There are many horrible, horrible feelings in this world.

Like getting punched in the face, finding hair in your food and failing a test that everyone else did great on.

But one of the absolute worst feelings in this world has to be giving out your credit card details to a website that tells you that you won a huge sum of money, and then patiently waiting for said sum of money to arrive in your bank account, except it never does.

Instead, the money that you already have seems to start disappearing somehow. Strange.

In other words, getting scammed.

Scammers Told Her She Won $950 in A Contest

However, that’s not what happened to a Singaporean called Missja (not her real name) when she fell into a similar situation that almost led to her being scammed.

Instead, she decided to play a little game with her scammers and frustrate them to the point where they gave up in trying to steal her money.

According to Missja, a work acquaintance contacted her through Facebook Messenger, saying that she needed her phone number and a subsequent verification code for a Lazada contest.

After Missja handed over the code, she was told that she had won $950.

Right after that came every scammer’s favourite question.

“So…do you have a credit or debit bank card?”

At that point, Missja already knew what she was dealing with. She could have just chosen to ignore them and go on with her life, knowing that she was smart enough not to fall for their little trick.

Trolling the Scammers

But she thought it would be a bit more fun to let them think that they were successful, so she sent in a picture of the front of a card along with a CVV.

Image: Facebook

Clearly, the scammers were disappointed with the poor quality of the picture. Missja then sent in a better picture of another card, claiming that it belonged to her husband.

However, the credit card value number was wrong, and the scammers continued to become more frustrated as their conversation continued.


Image: Facebook

I’m loving how she’s making herself sound so innocent.

The truth is, that credit card did not have any right value, because it was not a real credit card number.

It’s just an image found on an airline’s brochure offering KrisFlyer miles.

Image: Facebook

Smart choice.


The conversation ended with Missja wishing the scammers good luck with their next victim.

Image: Facebook

More Scam Victims This Year

According to The Straits Times, the police have said that more people fell prey to scams in the first half of this year compared to the same time period in the previous year.

Lazada falls under the top 5 digital platforms that are commonly used in e-commerce scams, with 63 Lazada scams reported in the first half of this year.

Scammers are also starting to find new creative ways to cheat people of their money and personal details, so it’s important to always be alert and NEVER give out any personal or bank details to someone that you do not know.


If you catch someone trying to scam you, delete or block the number/website/profile immediately.

Unless…you wanna have a bit of fun with them and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Then be my guest.

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