Former K-pop Idol Lee Areum Regained Consciousness After An Alleged Suicide Attempt


Former K-pop idol Lee Areum, previously unconscious due to an alleged suicide attempt, has awakened and expressed apologies to her supporters.

The ex-member of T-ara and T-ara N4, found in a critical state last week, is currently recuperating in a hospital after an alleged suicide attempt on 27 March, which involved leaving a farewell note.

Through an Instagram post on March 28, she conveyed her gratitude to fans, acknowledging their enduring support.

The 29-year-old mother of two shared a hospital bed photo, reflecting on her near-death experience and the realization of her desire to live for her children, family, and friends. She credited her survival to a miraculous recovery.

Addressing an Allegation by a YouTuber

Amidst her recovery, Areum also addressed allegations made by South Korean YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, a former entertainment reporter, who accused her and her boyfriend, known only by his surname Seo, of falsely soliciting funds from her Instagram followers.

These funds were purportedly for hospital treatment unrelated to her suicide attempt, under the guise of a pregnancy.

Areum refuted these claims, accusing Lee of fabricating stories for financial gain at the expense of her and her boyfriend.

What Happened

Lee Areum is a South Korean singer, dancer, and former member of the popular K-pop group T-ara, formed by MBK Entertainment in 2009.

The group, known for its hook-heavy dance-pop music, collaborated closely with composer Shinsadong Tiger. T-ara experienced several lineup changes, with members coming and going over the years.

Areum joined T-ara as a new member in July 2012 and participated in the song “Day by Day.” She left the group in July 2013 amidst its ongoing lineup shifts.

On 25 March, Ahreum disclosed details of abuse by her husband on Instagram. She married him in 2019 and they have two sons together.

In the post, she also included photos of injuries she allegedly sustained from her husband.

Areum claimed she was beaten in front of her son, resulting in bruises all over her body.

The post included an audio recording of her son describing the abuse they endured. The man allegedly spat and urinated on them, and smeared their faces with feces.

On 10 December 2023, Areum had announced her intention to file for divorce from her husband, with whom she shares two sons.

She alleged that her husband had obtained loans without informing her and engaged in gambling activities. Additionally, she stated that he never provided her with financial assistance and accused him of domestic violence during their marriage.


On 27 March 2024, Korean media reported that Ahreum was taken to the hospital following a suicide attempt.