Both Men Who Received Legal Letters from Manpower Minister Have Apologised on Facebook

Well, isn’t this just starting to become a roundabout?

Previously on the episode of The Surbana Jurong Saga: Manpower Minister, Mrs Josephine Teo fires back to the haters.

On 20 May, the Manpower Minister, confirmed that she will be taking legal action after what she had described as “baseless” corruption claims against her and her husband over COVID-19 community care facilities (CCF).

Her lawyers have clarified that Mrs Teo was involved in neither the set-up or the operations of the CCFs by Surbana Jurong.

Two formal letters of demand were also sent to two suspected individuals. The letters told the recipients to pay a donation of S$1,000 to the Migrant Workers’ Assistance Fund.

As said by Mrs Teo on her legal statement: “I do not intend to pursue the matter further or to claim damages if the allegations are publicly withdrawn and apologies given.”

Well, it worked. The two men who had crafted the false allegations against the minister and her spouse have just issued their own formal apologies on social media.

Two Men Issues Apology Over ‘Baseless’ Surbana Jurong Allegations

The two men involved were identified as activist Jolovan Wham, and another man named, Donald Liew…who apparently worked and studied at Farmville according to his About Me page on Facebook.

Image: Giphy

Mr Liew’s apology was issued on his personal Facebook page on 20 May. The post confirmed that the allegations made were “false and completely without foundation”.

He stated that he has since removed his untrue allegations against Mrs Josephine Teo and has undertaken from publishing any more statements on the matter.

Similarly to Mr Liew, Activist Jolovan Wham has also taken it up on Facebook to apologise to the Manpower Minister. He posted his very own public apology today (22 May):

On his personal Facebook page, Mr Wham stated that the allegations that he had made prior were untrue. He described them as “false and completely without reservation”.

The activist also apologised to Mrs Josephine Teo for making them.

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Like his counterpart Donald Liew, Mr Wham stated that he has taken down his previous statements.

In the original post that was also put up on his personal Facebook Jolovan Wham was quick to comment that Singapore was not corruption-free. The post has since been inaccessible.

His apology also contained an undertaking in which he swore against publishing any more comments or statements regarding the case.

Neither of the two’s statements of apology mentioned if they had made the mandatorily imposed donation of S$1,000 to the Migrant Workers’ Assistance Fund.


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