Here’s Why the Licence Plate of Bentley in Viral Saga Was Altered

Own a Bentley, and you want others to know how proud you are? Be careful about how you do it because sometimes, it’s not you showing off your car, but people online doing it for you.

If the words ‘Bentley’ and ‘saga’ digs up a memory about the news that happened last year, then bingo, you already know who it is.

Wait, you mean it’s not over?

Yeah, I’m surprised too. The Red Swastika Bentley Driver saga is back, and the son’s in the limelight this time.

Quick Recap

The Bentley driver, 61-year-old Neo Hong Chye, was fined $600 and jailed for eight weeks in October last year for admitting to one count of causing hurt by performing a rash act.

The issue with the whole case doesn’t stop with how Neo almost knocked down the security guard; it was discovered that the vehicle actually belonged to his son, Glynn Neo Jia. Furthermore, the Bentley’s number plate was altered, and Neo had driven the car without insurance coverage.

As the saying goes, Ohana means family, which means no one gets left behind; the son has found himself in deep waters too.

According to Land Transport Authority prosecutor Darren Toh, it was discovered during the rash act investigation that the Bentley’s registration number was originally given to a BMW vehicle deregistered in May 2021.

An application had been filed and approved to maintain the registration number, but no application was filed for the Bentley, owned by Neo Times, a car dealer company.

It’s a case that just keeps on giving.

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Updates On The Case

Neo Times’s sole director Glynn Neo bought the Bentley in December 2021 and purposely changed the number plate for a photo shoot. The car was insured for business purposes, including test drives, but never for personal use.

On that faithful day, Glynn Neo had no idea that his father had taken the car out to drive, and if he had known, he would not have permitted the older Neo to use the vehicle.

According to the defence lawyer Ms Ng Kai Ling, Glynn Neo did not have the car license’s plate changed to mislead anyone or drive the vehicle. He did it because the original license plate was less “desirable”, and he wanted to make it more appealing with the new one so that he could sell it better.

For affixing the license plate of another vehicle onto the Bentley, Glynn Neo could receive a $5,000 fine and a 12-month jail sentence.

That could be another thing the father-son can bond over besides National Service. 

Persons who permit the use of a vehicle without insurance may receive a three-month jail sentence, a fine of up to $1,000 or both, and could also face a 12-month driving ban.