10 Facts About the New LifeSG, an App That Offers Over 40 Government Services

Adulting is hard.

There will come a point of time in your life where you start worrying if you paid your bills on time, applied for your new passport even though you won’t be using it anytime soon, or just wondering if you did everything you’re supposed to.

It can be hard to keep up with so many responsibilities yet keep track of such things.

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Luckily for us, a new app from the government has been launched aimed at helping with just that, making it much easier for citizens to access government services, some of which you may not even have known the existence of.

Sounds quite interesting, right? Here are 10 facts about this new LifeSG app that might prove to be very handy for you later on.

1. From Moments Of Life To LifeSG

The LifeSG app isn’t actually a completely new concept.

It was revamped from the old Moments Of Life (MOL) app, one that young parents and the elderly might be familiar with.

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Launched in June 2018 under the Singapore Smart Nation initiative, the MOL app provided access to 12 different government services, including birth registration.

It was also catered to each user, informing users of the benefits they were eligible for via a personalised dashboard.

The app, with over 165,000 downloads, successfully facilitated the birth registration of seven out of ten newborns in Singapore and cut down time spent on government service-related applications significantly.

2. LifeSG Provides Access To Over 40 Services

As part of the Smart Nation initiative, the government aimed to assist Singaporeans in accessing government services based on their current stages in life, rather than separate it by different government entities.

So they thought, why stop at 12 services?

The LifeSG app will provide access to over 40 government services as a one-stop personalised app for Singaporeans.

A range of services are included in the app, such as top-ups for your Central Provident Fund (CPF) accounts and applying for a Home Eligibility Letter, passport or PAssion Card.

There’s no need to shuffle through different webpages and getting yourself lost now when you just need to navigate one app.

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3. Personalised Dashboard For All Users

Recognising that every individual has different needs despite being in the same phase of life, the service will provide a personalised experience for users.

Through a personalised dashboard, users can discover content and services that may be relevant to them, including guides on job hunting and preschool searching.

Upon downloading the app or updating it from the old MOL app, users can indicate their interests and preferences, which will affect the suggestions given to them on their dashboard.

The Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO) has also announced plans to further provide overviews of users’ personal information, such as CPF, housing and educational details.

4. Further Updates

In future, the LifeSG app will also provide reminders to users regarding medical and school appointments, as well as reminders to complete birth, Baby Bonus and primary school registrations.

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No more forgetting the deadlines.

“We will continue to extend simpler access to digital services and personalised content to more citizens, and evaluate their needs and feedback to improve the app with more useful features,” said Kok Ping Soon, chief executive of GovTech.


5. Complementary To SingPass App

As the SingPass mobile app already provides access to digital services from more than 60 agencies, LifeSG apparently comes hand in hand as a complementary app to it.

According to a GovTech spokesperson, the two are meant to assist Singaporeans in transacting digitally in a “secure and convenient manner”.

So even though your phone might be running out of space, it’s best to have both apps downloaded if you’re in need.

6. CPF Services

Among the CPF services that LifeSG provides, users can check and top-up their CPF balances, as well as check their statements and history.

CPF nominations can also be made so you no longer have to make your way down to a CPF service centre anymore.


As for why nominating someone for your CPF is important, it’s because you don’t want your hard-earned money to be kept rotting in a corner of a government office, right?

7. Driving And Transport Services

For those who own vehicles, users will be able to renew season parking passes, apply for season parking, check their road tax status and renew it.

Payment can also be made for LTA fines and ERP fees via the service.

8. Baby Bonus And Child Services

Carrying on the services provided in the old MOL app, young parents will be able to register for their babies’ births, apply for Baby Bonus, and even check the status of their Baby Bonus application and view statements.


Searching for preschools will also be made easier with guides, and family support details can also be found.

9. Housing Services

In-line with Covid-19 measures, it seems like this app is determined to keep you home as much as possible.

Users will be able to check their eligibility for HDB flats and apply for HDB loan eligibility letters.

Applying to buy or sell HDB flats can also be done, with options to check one’s availability status and keep track of appointments as well.

10. Work And Employment Services

Helpers will be able to apply for work permits and search for skills and training courses under Skills Future as well.


Plus, in case you’ve missed it above, the app will also carry guides on how to find employment for residents as well.

Kudos to the people who thought of this new and improved LifeSG app, which would make many Singaporeans’ lives easier and more convenient. Now there’s even less reason to leave the house, even when this pandemic is over.


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