Lift at Boon Lay Place Dropped 3 Floors & Injured Elderly, BCA’s Report Just Cause More Confusion

A lift incident happened again and this time, it took place in the west.

Elderly Woman injured after lift drops abruptly

The Straits Times reported that a lift incident took place last Tuesday morning at Block 207, Boon Lay Place. 

Mdm Ng Poh Kim, 66, was in the lift when it suddenly dropped three storeys. She managed to stay on her feet but felt severe pain in her right leg due to the sudden jerk.

“I had just pressed the button to close the door, then the whole lift just dropped. It all happened so quickly, it was really scary,” Madam Ng via Straits Times

When she pressed the “door open” button, the lift shook before rising and opening its doors at the second storey. 

This isn’t the first time she experienced this

Mdm Ng had the same experience in August this year, and with the same lift, lift C.

Similar to this incident, the lift abruptly dropped from the third storey to the first. She was with her daughter and two grandchildren at the time, but because they suffered no injuries from that incident, they decide to let it go.

Faulty Limit Switches between the First and Second Storey

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) investigated the incident and stated that the fault was due to faulty switches.

“The lift system detected this fault and caused the lift to initiate a safety stop between the second and first storey until the lift re-levelled at the second storey.

“As lift components such as limit switches are subject to wear and tear, such incidents can be minimised through replacement during regular maintenance of lift parts.” 

Lift C back in operation as of 22 Nov 2016, 3.30pm 

The lift in question was installed back in the year 2000 and it is the only elevator in the block to serve every floor of the HDB and most people in the block uses the lift. 

A resident said that she has been using the lift regularly and has no problem using it till now, except that it tends to break down once every few months. 

Another resident who stays on the third floor commented that this is the first time such a thing happened. She claimed that while she sometimes experiences the lift stalling before moving, it has never dropped with her inside at all.

BCA has urged the West Coast Town Council to work with lift contractors and perform the necessary repair and checks. MP Patrick Tay requested that additional checks are done on lifts in the area on top of “current supervision, audits and checks of lifts in the constituency”.

But to be very, very honest

After reading what BCA has to say after their investigation, the only thought I had was: what talking you?

Cause I don’t get what caused the drop. Do you?

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