Lightning Struck Traffic Light at Yishun and it Went Up in Flames Like the Human Torch

Last Updated on 2023-05-21 , 1:56 pm

We all know that the weather has been unbearably hot of late. We also know that there have been a series of fire-related accidents occurring of late, from hawker stalls catching fire to electric vehicles and car porches catching fire.

Could some rain put out the yeet hay in the air? Yeet hay is a Cantonese terminology for “heatiness”, where there is excessive heat dominating within one’s body.

It seems like the answer is, unfortunately, no.

Fire can be seen even in the pouring rain.

Here’s what you have to read if you don’t believe us.

Lightning Struck a Traffic Light in Yishun

In some Facebook posts made recently, netizens have been entertained by the sight of a flash of lightning striking a traffic light precisely.

This was posted on TikTok in a video from the user going by the handle @frangaroo.

@frangaroo ⚡️ Lightning strike traffic lights. At the junction of Yishun Ave 1 and 8. #lighning #sgtiktok #oneservice #yishun #lightning ♬ Danger – SoundAudio

Similar videos have been posted on the Singapore Incidents Facebook page, as well as the Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road Facebook page. The latter post is also embellished by a caption saying “Lightning strikes Yishun”, followed by a lightning emoji. The phrase “beh chia lor” roughly translates from Hokkien to English as “buy car lor”.

In the video, which appears to be from the vantage point of a stationary vehicle (perhaps a dashboard camera), one can see a bolt of lightning descending from the sky and striking the traffic light at a diagonal. The traffic light was red for vehicle movement at that time.

The video also captures the downpour, with raindrops relentlessly falling and hitting the windshield. The roads also appear to be wet and slick.

Definitely, not optimal weather to be driving in.

A Flash of Fire Followed the Lightning Bolt

After the bolt of lightning hits the traffic light, there is a blinding flash of fire before the red light goes out. If we didn’t know better, we might have mistaken the incident as a pyrotechnic feature from a movie scene. Or that the Human Torch made a stop on our island.

Image: TikTok (@frangaroo)

Probably a power trip or short circuit, given the sudden rush of electricity from the lightning.

Two traffic lights are affected, one being a vertical traffic light at the side of the pavement for cars travelling vertically and the other being the overhead traffic light for cars travelling horizontally (from the camera’s perspective).

For those who like to watch “remixes”, we highly recommend that you watch either of the videos we mentioned. The videos have been digitally altered such that they end with several dramatic replays of the lightning strike and flash of fire, including a dramatic slow-mo which would have made a Korean drama editor proud.

Jokes aside, we sure hope that everyone made it home safely that day.

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Netizens Were Quick to Make Fun of Yishun for Having Yet Another Inexplicable Incident

Apart from the funny video from TikTok, the comments section was also entertaining.

One netizen going by the handle @TeamGrimmie jokingly asked why the lightning did not strike the ERP instead of the traffic light.

Image: TikTok (@TeamGrimmie)

Other netizens (@shotintheeye in particular) who may have a penchant for speeding asked why the speed cameras were not “chosen” as the victims of the lightning strike instead.

Image: TikTok (@shotintheeye)

While Fast X (the latest instalment of the famous Fast & Furious series) may be making a run in Singapore’s cinemas at the moment, we are sure that the local police and government would frown upon anyone trying to emulate such behaviour on our roads.

Yet another netizen with the handle @Zewei quipped that this bizarre incident must have occurred in Yishun. Spot on, as the caption of the TikTok video revealed that the occurrence took place at the junction of Yishun Avenue 1 and Avenue 8.

Image: TikTok (@ZEWEI)

What this user was alluding to was the spate of ridiculous incidents that occurred in Yishun, which have contributed to Yishun’s less-than-stellar reputation.

For one, Yishun was the location of multiple cat killings in 2015, 2020 and later, 2021. The cat abuse included slitting open cats, cats thrown from a height, and other unspeakable terrors.

There was also an incident of a wild boar attacking a resident in Yishun back in 2022. The woman was knocked unconscious by the animal in the evening near Block 846 Yishun Street 81. The wild boar was eventually euthanised humanely by officers from the National Parks Board (NParks).

More recently, a woman was held at knifepoint along Yishun Ring Road by a 42-year-old man. The woman was pulled along for approximately 50m before she was rescued. She managed to escape the ordeal unscathed, save for an abrasion.