LiHo Now Sells ZERO Calorie Collagen Bubble Tea To Lessen The Guilt For $6.90

Image: Liho Singapore

Love bubble tea but afraid of the sugar levels?

Love collagen beauty hot pot but afraid of financial ruin from eating it too regularly?

Well, I don’t have a solution for you…

But that’s me.

Because LiHo does have something for you.

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LiHo Collaboration With Skincare Brand Recherché For Collagen Bubble Tea

That’s right, LiHo is teaming up with a local cosmeceutical skincare company Recherché for skin-whitening and UV-protecting collagen bubble teas.

This is bubble tea that will leave you feeling and looking fabulous after drinking it.

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Recherché Collagen Beauty Tea (S$6.90)

A blend of probiotics, yuzu, Recherché Collagen Amino Acid, and stevia.

They claim that the Recherché brand of collagen is designed for easy absorption into the body, and has the benefits of a younger-looking skin.

Remember what I said about sugars in bubble tea? This flavour uses stevia, which is a nonnutritive sweetener, meaning it has no calories.

How is that even possible? Healthy, no calories and makes me look ultra-fabulous?

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But wait.

Before you start throwing money at your screen, here’s a reminder that ingesting collagen for beauty is still debatable.

But you probably don’t give a hoot. Gimme a new bubble tea and I’m on it. Tell me it makes me younger and I’m double on it.

And for the double on it, here’s another flavour.

Recherché Whitening Beauty Tea (S$6.90)

This one is said to protect your skin from UV rays and lightens skin tone. It’s made from Green Lemon and Grapefruit for Vitamin C, Jing Syuan Tea and then infused with Recherché Skin Brightening Plus.

And if you’re wondering what Jing Syuan Tea is, it’s a variety of Oolong that supposedly tastes milky naturally without adding milk.

That, of course, doesn’t make this milk tea. But it’s still interesting to know.

Woah, So Where Can I Buy Them?

Before you start rushing down to the nearest LiHo after throwing money at the screen did nothing for you, let me first tell you that only 9 outlets serve the drinks currently:

1. Funan
2. Tanjong Pagar Centre
3. Bugis+
4. Suntec City B1
5. JEM
6. One Raffles Place
7. Vivo city
8. Star Vista
9. Orchard Gateway

Other outlets will probably be selling them soon.

I’ll be seeing you there.

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