Like it or Not: Fifty Shades of Gray Sequel Official Trailer is Out


Holla haters and film critics of the movie and best-selling novel, Fifty Shades Of Grey. The second instalment of the movie, Fifty Shades Darker, is set to premiere on 10 February 2017.

What viewers will expect from the movie is definitely darker scenes, as Christian Grey will start unfolding his darkest secrets to his love interest, Anastasia Steele. The movie will be a thriller instead of a love story. Viewers will also be introduced to Grey’s previous dominant, Elena Lincoln aka Mrs Robinson, and his former submissive, Leila Williams.

Fans of Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) can also expect to see scenes that aren’t exactly family-friendly in the darker movie as told by Dakota Johnson(Anastasia Steele) on a recent interview. So, if you are a critic of the first movie because you’re a fan due to scenes like those, you will appreciate this film even more.

The actress also revealed that the second and third “Fifty Shades” films will “level out the emotional aspects of the story, as well as the comedic notes,” indicating that the upcoming movies will have funnier, lighter moments compared to the first.

So, movie-goers, now you know where to go on the upcoming Valentine’s Day 2017. If you’ve not watched the recent movie trailer of Fifty Shades Darker, you can watch it below now. You’re welcome.