Lim Tean Elaborated on His 2 Alleged Offences in a Video & Continued to Claim It Was a Political Move


Two major things happened yesterday: opposition politician Lim Tean was arrested for two alleged offences, and Trump has been confirmed to have COVID-19.

Both news came so sudden, I wonder if October 2020 is going to be a peaceful month.

According to the Police, Lim Tean was arrested after he refused to attend an interview for two alleged offences: one is for misappropriating a client’s money and the other for stalking a former female staff.

So, what happened?

Lim Tean has put out a long video to provide more context, which we’ll summarise and simplify here.

Now, of course, here’s a disclaimer: you must understand that this is from a person’s point of view. I can also say I’ve flown to the moon and back, and you can decide whether I’m telling the whole truth or not.

First Alleged Offence: Criminal Breach of Trust (Misappropriating a Client’s Money)

Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT), as the name suggests, is a criminal case. In a nutshell, it means “stealing money” but it’s after you have access to the money—for example, Kong Hee was charged and jailed for  CBT, as he took money from the church for something else.

This took place in 2018, when Lim Tean took a case for an accident case for an “Indian man”, whom we should call Man A. Lim Tean claimed that he didn’t collect a single cent from him for after taking up his case, and even lent him money—all out of “sympathy and kindness”.

The next year, he managed to obtain damages for him, and the court also awarded him legal costs of $18,000.

I know this is getting a bit chim, so let me simplify it for you.

When Man A sues Company A for $1 million, they’ll go to court (usually it’ll only go to the court if it’s a large amount or if it’s serious, if not they’d be resolved in other places like mediation or arbitration) to let the court decide who’s right and wrong.

If Man A is right, then Company A has to give Man A $1 million and pay for the legal fees Man A has incurred.

While it’s not certain, it appears that Lim Tean might have referred the $18,000 to this legal fee.

For your info, it doesn’t just involve the lawyers’ fee; the courts lah, judge lah, everything needs money. That’s why people don’t suka suka sue others.

According to Lim Tean, Man A then started to “play games” and changed his lawyer, and then changed back to Lim Tean, which led to a “dispute between money”. However, Lim Tean said he hasn’t got a single cent from the $18,000.

Apparently, in November last year, Man A filed a complaint with CAD, and Lim Tean didn’t reply to the “letters” because Man A’s new lawyer is…erm, “mad”.

Image: Tenor

It’s not revealed what this complaint is about.

And then many things happened, primarily between Man A’s new lawyer and Lim Tean.

But this seems like a civil case, no?

I know; I’m a tad confused, too. That’s why it’s mentioned earlier that we’ll summarise and simplify for you, and won’t even try to explain what has gone on.

About two weeks ago, Lim Tean then received a call from CAD who would like him to come down for an investigation. That was when he claimed that this was a political move, because the complaint with CAD made by Man A was last year.


He then make some serious allegations that a “powerful figure is involved in this”.

But since you’re only here to read about the alleged offence, let’s move to the next “offence”: the “stalking”.

Unlawful Stalking Offence

Now, before moving on, you need to know what “unlawful stalking” means, if not you might think that many people are committing an offence just because they like all your images on Instagram.

Unlawful stalking is when one takes stalking to a whole new level. For simplicity’s sake, it’s when the stalking cause  “harassment, alarm or distress to the victim”.

According to Lim Tean himself, he has “never stalk anyone in my life”.

He claimed that the employee has worked for Lim Tean for a month.


Lim Tean had wanted to engage her as a paralegal—someone who assists a lawyer. But he claimed she couldn’t “make it”, and she resigned after one month.

There was no mention about the offence; instead, Lim Tean criticized her attitude, and also read out the resignation letter that she has submitted.

Continues to Claim It Was All a Political Move

In the video, Lim Tean repeatedly said that this was a “political move” because he is going to represent Leong Sze Hian in a defamation trial by PM Lee. The hearing is set to take place from 6 Oct to 9 Oct, and PM Lee will enter the witness box to give evidence and be cross-examined.

PM Lee filed the suit over a post shared by Leong on his Facebook page in 2018, in which Leong shared an article that alleged that former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak had signed “secret deals” with PM Lee in exchange for Singapore banks’ help in laundering money from 1MDB.

You can watch the entire 28-minute video here:


And don’t bother to change the resolution of the video; it appears to have been published in 360p.

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