“Limpeh” Richard Low Turns Out to be a Maths Tuition Teacher for Actress Chantalle Ng

Local actor Richard Low (Liu Qianyi), who is known for playing tough characters and saying “limpeh (your father)”, revealed he was like a limpeh to local actress Chantalle Ng (Huang xuanting).

Richard Low Tutored Chantalle Ng In PSLE Math

In an Instagram reel, 71-year-old Richard Low revealed that he has known Chantalle Ng since she was in primary school and that they are very close.

Because of his experience in teaching his three children, he decided to help Ng in her studies.

“He especially went to revise (the syllabus). He bought an assessment book and did the math questions first before teaching me,” she revealed.

Like a true father figure. Or should I say limpeh.

Ng then asked Low why he decided to tutor her.

“What made you decide to tutor me? Was it because I was cute?” she asked.

“Uh, no. I thought Chantalle’s maths was very bad,” Low said.

“I taught her until I wanted to vomit blood. And even then, she still did not understand.”

Ng confirmed that improvements in her maths was the result of weekly tutoring by Low, and she achieved good results in the end.

Ng’s mother, local actress Lin Meijiao, commented on the Instagram reel, thanking Richard Low for tutoring her daughter.

Image: Screenshot from Instagram (@the_celebrityagency)

“Thank you teacher, we are grateful,” she said.

The Two Are Very Close

“Chantalle is someone that I dote on as I have watched her grow up. So I feel comforted when I see what she has accomplished now. Chantelle’s performance makes me very happy.”

Richard Low’s words touched Ng, who embraced him in a hug.

Images: Instagram (@the_celebrityagency)

When going on stage to receive a prize or make a speech, some people have various methods of coping with the nervousness. Some pretend there’s no audience at all, while some choose to focus on the face of someone they love.

The 28-year-old shared that in the event she receives an award and makes a thank you speech on stage, Richard Low’s face would be the one she would look for in the audience.

Awww, seems like “limpeh” Richard Low was really a good limpeh to Ng.

During their conversation, the two were moved to tears. When Ng offered Low tissues to wipe his tears, Low said: “I don’t need. I came prepared,” before pulling tissues out of his pocket.

Images: Instagram (@the_celebrityagency)
Images: Instagram (@the_celebrityagency)

Richard Low and Chantalle Ng at USS HHN 2023

Last year, the two were at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights with fellow local actor Jeremy Chan.

Though it was a terrifying experience for Chantalle Ng, fans found it cute and endearing when she ran out of a haunted house crying.

“The scare actor hasn’t even come out yet, why are you crying?” Jeremy Chan asked her.

Ng said she didn’t expect it to be scary as it was a “music video”, as the haunted house followed the theme of a music video by The Weeknd.

Inside the haunted house, Richard Low was seen protecting Jeremy Chan, dubbed a #limpehrescue moment.

“Please don’t call me back next year,” Chantalle Ng said, eliciting laughs from netizens.

Chantalle Ng has been nominated for Best Actress for her performance in the drama All That Glitters and is also up for Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in Star Awards 2024.

Richard Low is a nominee for Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, also in Star Awards 2024, which will be presented on 21 April 2024.