Lin Meijiao’s Daughter Started a Business During CB Period Selling Chicken Collagen Soup

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This is Lin Meijiao, a Singaporean actress that many people here are familiar with.

Image: YouTube

And this is her daughter, Chantelle Ng.

Image: Facebook (Chantalle Ng 黄暄婷)

Following in her parents’ footsteps, she’s a Singapore actress who’s equally affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Opened Her Own Soup Online Business On Her 25th Birthday

The Covid-19 outbreak has hit everybody hard.

Businesses had to close, the airport became empty and filming has stopped.

Instead of Netflixing at home to self-improve (my boss always tell FatBoy99 to watch more Korean dramas to brush up his acting; p/s: it didn’t work), Chantelle Ng decides to use her unexpected free time in a different way…

By starting a business.

On her 25th birthday, she announced on her Facebook page that she was soft-launching Yuan Collagen Soup, her own online brand selling collagen soup.

How It Started

According to 8Days, Ng had long spoken about starting a business together with her friend, Wong Minying.

Wong is experienced in the F&B business and is helping her family to run Filipino restaurant chain Tapa King, as well as their Asian Foodmall food courts in Singapore.

But it was just casual talks.

It was only when filming stopped due to Covid-19 that Ng and Wong decided to focus on starting the business.

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Ng revealed that she had invested a five-digit figure into the business.

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One Single Product, Many Multiple Uses

If you’ve watched Baek Jong Won Alley restaurants series, you’ll know the number one rule that he’s always emphasised:

Declutter your menu, focus on just one thing and make it good.

Well, while the girls probably didn’t get the philosophy from that show, Yuan Collagen Soup only has one item on their menu: the chicken Premium Collagen Broth which is selling for $25 per litre.

Image: Facebook (yuancollagen)

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Chicken feet, bones and fleshed are boiled for ten hours to make the soup and there is no salt, MSG or preservatives within.

Image: Facebook (yuancollagen)


Having just one item isn’t a bad thing, actually, especially for broth since there are many different uses.

For one, you can use it to make hotpot, especially now that people (less than 5, please) can come over to your house for hotpot.

Or you can use it to make mushroom risotto.

According to their instructions, half a packet of soup can make mushroom risotto for “3 to 4 pax”.


And, of course, how could you miss out on the old classic? Maggie mee in premium chicken broth.

Image: Giphy

Heck, I’ll even use it to make steamed fish. That’s fusion art right there, people; chicken and fish.

You can check out her website if you want to purchase some of that goodness for yourself.

All the best to her new business, which, according to the same interview on 8Days, is doing pretty well so far.


She’s not the first celebrity to adapt when the Covid-19 outbreak struck, nor will she be the last.

Aren’t you just excited to see what else people like you and me can come up with to adapt to the new situation?

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