S’pore Delivery Rider Who Gave Almost All His Salary to His Wife Realised She’s Been Having an Affair


Sometimes, life can be more dog-blooded (melodramatic) than Chinese webnovels.

Who knew the entire “this kid is not my son” narrative between a hardworking yet absent husband and a cheating wife could actually happen in real life?

The Youngest Son of Another Blood

According to Shin Min Daily News’ first report, the 27-year-old Mr Lin discovered that his 29-year-old wife was having an extramarital affair when he personally witnessed his wife hugging another man in May 2022.

The month before, he noticed that his wife would leave their home early and return home late at night.

Then, another odd detail fell into place.

He recalled that his youngest son, who’s around 10 months old, didn’t share a blood type with him nor his wife.

Back then, the doctor had mentioned that it’s rare for children to have a different blood type from the parents—since genetics and all—so he decided to do a paternity test, under the encouragement of his relatives and friends.

The paternity test revealed that his youngest son was not related to him by blood.

When Mr Lin read the report, he was devastated.

Image: sinchew.com.my

The biggest plot twist?

When Mr Lin confronted his wife about her extramarital affair, she admitted that the child was not his, and the child had “nothing to do” with the man whom she was cheating with.

Does this mean she was having two extramarital affairs at the side?

This might sound odd, but where do you find the time to maintain a family, two side relationships and a full-time accountancy job?

Oh wait, she leaves the caring of the children to the maid while she lives her own life, never mind.

During the heated confrontation, Mr Lin originally thought that he heard his wife wrongly, and even went as far as assuming that she was saying those words to anger him. When Mr Lin said he wanted to look for her lover in a fit of rage, his wife stopped him instead.

The question of whom the son belongs to may never be answered.


The Mother-in-Law Knew About The Affair

Seriously, someone send this plot to Ai so they make another season.

Because lo and behold, the husband isn’t the only one with suspicions, though he’s likely the last one to actually confirm it.

In June, his domestic helper sent Mr Lin a message while he was overseas.

(This never ends well.)

She wrote that a man had stayed overnight in their home, and even attached a photo of a half-naked man lying on the bed.

Image: facebook.com (Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)

The domestic helper also told him that she has already informed his mother-in-law about the matter.

When Mr Lin called his mother-in-law, she confessed that she has seen the man before, but she “couldn’t bear to let him know”.

It should be noted that the domestic helper had her suspicions a long time ago, and conveyed them to Mr Lin. However, she hadn’t managed to get any photographic evidence as his wife would always make sure to lock the bedroom door.

Since the helper had a husband and children of her own, she felt that the wife was wrong for doing what she did, so she helped Mr Lin uncover the affair. At one point, she nearly tendered her resignation because she felt that his family was too “messy”.

In the end, she was persuaded to stay for a longer period of time.

Mr Lin complimented his domestic helper, saying that she was responsible, skilled at taking care of the children while managing the household chores.


Lin: Willing to Take Care of All Three Children

Despite the revelation that the youngest child isn’t his biological son, Mr Lin still wants the custody of his three children.

He said, “Although the child isn’t my flesh and blood, I genuinely love and cherish him. For the past month, [my] wife hasn’t been taking care of the children much. Whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night, I’m the one who coaxes him, carries him and feeds him milk, hence our relationship is especially intimate. If my wife insists on leaving, I’m willing to raise all three children.”

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Wife Wants The House and Children

For reasons unknown, Mr Lin initially tried to salvage his marriage and refused to divorce his wife when she asked.

Alas, he eventually became disheartened when time showed that his wife was equally unwilling to budge.

In the beginning, his wife said that they could split the property into half, and he could have custody of the two older children, which sounds reasonable.


As time wore on, her stance changed: not only did she want the entire property, but she also wanted alimony and child support for the three children.

Someone please give her an award for “Thickest Skin Alive”, because a person must be seriously delusional if she can win on such terms when she’s the one who cheated and neglected her own family for another man.

Mr Lin suspects that it’s her lover who’s influencing her to ask for these things.

Regardless, Mr Lin absolutely refuses to leave his apartment and children to his wife’s lover.

Mr Lin is currently looking for a good lawyer to take on his case.

The Circumstances of Their Marriage

As a delivery rider, Mr Lin works from 10am to 2am every day, which is a solid 16-hour work shift.

His only rest time is sleep.

He pulls in $6,000 to $7,000 every month, which is quite impressive, but he needs to take more than a one-day break every week, lest he burn out.


Since the wife works as an accountant, Mr Lin hands over $5,000 every month while leaving the rest for himself to cover the cost of petrol, food and cigarettes. He splurges on lottery tickets on occasion.

The wife manages all the household expenses, including the housing mortgage and car loan.

That was the measure of trust and love Mr Lin held for his wife; he would hand over most of his salary without saving much for himself.

Furthermore, Mr Lin also spent more than $80,000 to get a second-hand seven-seater for his wife so it would lighten her workload whenever she has to fetch the children to and from school.

For the sake of paying off the car loan, he had cut down his number of rest days from two to one.

In spite of the betrayal, Mr Lin stated that if it was possible to save their marriage, he hopes that his wife can return to him, even if it’s just for the children.

He added, “I am aware that she used to complain about how I’m always working outside and [I] don’t spend time with her; having a husband is akin to not having a husband. But we have three children and a housing mortgage to pat off. I said that I wanted to give her and our children a good life. I thought she would understand, but things turned out like this in the end.”

Mr Lin is of the opinion he has treated his wife very well. He has never raised a hand against her, nor has he ever entered an extramarital affair.

“I asked my wife why she wanted to leave. What did I go wrong exactly? She only said, ‘We don’t talk anymore.’”

Honestly, Mr Lin, you deserve better.

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Featured Image: Sin Chew Daily & Facebook (Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)