Blackpink’s Lisa & Angelababy Banned from Weibo due to a Crazy Horse Show


Blackpink’s Lisa & Angelababy: The Weibo Ban After Crazy Horse Show

Looks like Blackpink’s Lisa’s dance moves were a little too electrifying for the censors.

Just weeks after she performed five sell-out shows at the infamously sensual Crazy Horse Paris, fans were shocked to realise that the Thai rapper-dancer was given the boot from Chinese social media app Weibo.

Chinese actresses Angelababy and Zhang Jiani, who had allegedly watched the show, were also banned, and their Douyin accounts blocked.

No explanation was given about the bans, but it can be assumed they have everything to do with the Crazy Horse show.

How Did This Happen?

If you’re furrowing your brow trying to connect the dots between sexy dances and wild horses, you’d probably think that Crazy Horse Paris was some bizarre party rife with bestiality.

Luckily for all, reality is nothing close to that. Crazy Horse Paris is a French cabaret show known for its sultry dance and vocal performances—in other words, a burlesque club show.

In France, it is famous for being a hedonist’s paradise—with free-flows of champagne and dancers full of vintage allure, elegance and wit.

But in China, it is horrific. Despite only appearing for a maximum of 10 minutes and keeping her top on during stripteases, Lisa’s dances were branded “vulgar and obscene”— terrible influences on the younger generation, which the Chinese government is trying to raise into politically-correct, law-abiding and clean-living citizens.

China’s Social Media Cleansing

This is not the first time Chinese authorities exerted their authority on celebrities. In late 2021, President Xi Jinping took out a huge trash bag and ordered a spring cleaning of the entertainment industry—which resulted in a mass-banning on celebrity and fan-club accounts.

Local authorities explained that they were protecting children—many of whom were affected negatively by fan-clubs and online activities through cyberbullying, harassment and doxxing. 

This censorship is allegedly a part of their effort in preventing easily impressionable children from early exposure to sensitive topics.

However, despite China’s intentions of seeking to “rectify chaos in the fan community” in President Xi’s “profound revolution”—a hefty proportion of the population is firing back.

Unhappy with the censorship of songs and films that did not “increase the weight of indicators like work orientation and professional evaluation”, many fans protested against the banning of their favourite stars—such as Kris Wu, who was accused of sexual assault.

However, their efforts were simply shut down and regarded as “improper” idol worship.

Therefore, despite Lisa and Angelababy’s fans taking to social media to complain about what they deem to be “oppressive censorship”—it looks like the stars’ Weibo accounts— with a fan following of millions combined—won’t be recovered anytime soon.

Lisa’s mother, Chitthip Bruschweiler, even came to her support by attending the show and trolling internet haters.


Allegedly, Mrs Bruschweiler said that she had expected her daughter’s performance to be much sexier. However, she soon deactivated her account due to the immense hate she faced.

Additionally, contrary to the battle-ready fans with their torches, it does not seem like the celebrities are in a hurry to bring up the issue: none of the stars had raised any comment about their bans.

However, Crazy Horse Paris came to Angelababy’s defence on Instagram by revealing that the actress had not in fact attended any of their shows. 

This fact did little to sooth her backlash, though. In the face of the controversy, the Chinese actress was dropped from the TV show Keep Running.

She was even edited out of an episode in a show called It Sounds Incredible 3. (Indeed, Photoshop is truly incredible these days.)


On the other hand, as a member of a K-Pop group, Lisa is not facing such a tremendous drop in her career. Don’t worry, she was not edited out of any Blackpink music videos.

Narrowly avoiding bans, South Korean content had been frowned upon by the China government ever since the political relationship between the two countries became strained.